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should i wake her up?


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Dec 28, 2011
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baby has been asleep for nearly 5 hours, and hasnt eaten since 12pm (6 hours ago)

up until a few days ago she was taking 120mls every 3 hours. but then she got really fussy only taking half her bottle and screaming, then going to sleep then waking up a bit later wanting the rest of her feed. She was eating little and often. But then other times she was scoffing a 160ml bottle in one go!!!!

today she had a feed at 8am of 140mls, and her feed at 12pm was 120mls.
Just changed her nappy to try to waken her up a bit but she slept right through it. She normally screams when we do her nappy...

just wish she would do this overnight........she doesnt like sleeping much at night time!

am taking her to docs on Monday as I think she may have refulx and pharmacist wouldnt sell me baby gaviscon!
A growth spurt?.

If she is happy when awake and hasn't a temp I would leave lo, they will wake when hungry! X
checked her temp and it was 36.4 so ok.

hope it is just a growth spurt, god I worry when she eats too much and worry when she doesnt eat often enough!

roll on when they can talk and tell me that they are full and happy!
I would wake and feed her. The reason she is waking in the night is probably because she's not getting enough calories during the day.
I wud wake her, babies do not wake up when they are hungry so if they go over a certain time then you prob do need to wake them!!
Gave her a bit of a poke at 6.30 and she woke up. Got 110mls into her even though she appeared to be sleeping through the feed!

she briefly woke up again at 8pm and got 30mls into her.

she is still sleeping soundly..... has literally been asleep since 1pm.

am hoping i can get a full bottle into her before bed, but goodness only knows when she is going to wake up for that!
Sounds like a growth spurt to me, I too would wake her and not her go more than 4hrs in the day, just so you've got more chance of getting enough food into her and sleeping longer at night.

I wouldn't worry about it as its not a regular thing and if she's been gaining weight. Xx

I would wake her personally.

I make sure i feed Cam every 3 hours in the day and then on demand overnight. She is likely to sleep better at night if you get enough food into her during the day.

Omg I would never wake a sleeping baby!
They will wake up when hungry !!!! Which is why they wake up crying to tell u they need food!
But maybe I just need more sleep than most?
I have never been tempted to wake my lo
I make the most of the peace!
He sleeps all night now and is awake a lot of the day so it has worked for us!
Also yes whilst it's true the more they have in day they may sleep longer at night it's more to do with how much they take inane feed!
They hungrier they are the more they will drink.....they will only get hungrier if u leave them sleep longer!
we just woke her up to get her last feed into her. She took 130mls then fell asleep again. And has been asleep since.

will be interesting to see if she continues this sleepiness overnight! we are just going to bed so are just about to put her down in her basket. Whats the bets she wakes up then and decides thats her up for a few hours!

wish me luck!
yes she got up 4 times during the night!! she got meds today for reflux so am hoping we might finally get a quiet night tonight.

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