Severe Chest Pains


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Jun 29, 2005
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Hi all,

Didnt know if this was something to worry about but its getting worse as they day goes on and is severley uncomfortable. Since I woke up I have had a slight sharp pain in the middle of my chest. ( right between my boobs to be extact.) It has got worse as the day has gone on and is now really painful. Its worse if I tilt my head forward or take a deep breath. I have to lift up the top half of my body to feel slightly comfortable. If I lie on my side its agony. Its more like someone is kneeling right on the area or it has been squashed.

I hope nobody gets this but if so please does anyone have any advice?

I haven't heard of that to be honest, i know heartburn can be really uncomfortable but if it's actual sharp pains i don't know what to suggest.

It could be baby pushing your diaphram up causing you difficulty in breathing.

Ring your midwife and ask her just to put your mind at ease. :D :D
Hello i had this about exactly at your stage i might of even posted it.
But i went to the hospital, since it really hurt and they just sent me hoem saying its jsut the baby squishing everything u-pwards and making my ribs hurt.
All they suggested was take a pain killer safe for preg.
Also do you have trouble breathing at all, cuz i had that along with it too once in a while, but they werent worried.
Hope i helped, im the only other person ive heard of having this so its kinda wierd you mentioned it.
Katrina :D
Yes I had a bit of pain in my solar plexus (sp) the bone here the ribs join together at the front. If it's really painful tho I would talk to your MW to be on the safe side.
Thanks guys,

Hasnt eased off any but learning to live with it for now.

I do have difficulty breathing with it also and breathing is quite painful at the same time. I've also noticed if i used my arms to pick myself up whilst in bed its incredibly dore too.

As long as the baby is ok I would say its all worth it!!!
I personaly would phone your Doc to get checked out, not your midwife


How ya feeling, did you ever phone the doc.
They wil prob send you hoem liek they did with me but its worth it to get checked.
And to make you feel better i only had this for a week or tow then it went away i could barely lift my arms and it magically disappeared.
But ive still had pains in my upper ribs to this day just not in my chest area.
Hope you rokay.
Talk to you soon.

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