Discussion in 'Ask a Mum!' started by PeanutButter, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. PeanutButter

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    Nov 23, 2015
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    Hi ladies, been on sertraline 50mg for a few months now for pnd, anxiety, depression and ocd. I felt loads better but recently I seem to have gone back to how I was before. I can't find anything on Google about this happening months after starting. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this.
  2. Lollypop79

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    Aug 11, 2018
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    Hey. I had pnd back when I had my first child. I wasn’t on the medication your on but I did seem to get worse after being on the medication for a while. I went to doctors and I was put on a higher dose. It would be best to discuss it with your doctor. Some antidepressants aren’t compatible with some people. They may want to increase or try you with a different type. Good luck xx

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