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seperation anxiety


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Sep 16, 2006
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Dylan is really struggling with seperation anxiety right now he cries if i even go in the kitchen infact whenever anyone else is around he wants to be in my arms or me holding him stnading up..

he cries bitterly when i leave the room..it has had me in tears a few times i hate to hear him cry

how did you handle it and how long did it last?
id be interested to know also as i think Hannah has started being like this. Tho its mainly at night, of a day she does the cry thing but if my OH (or anyone else around) distracts her shes totally fine.
When im on my own with her, i just keep talking to her even if im upstaires (my house is really small) - that seems to work.

tho it is stressfull :hug:
I've got the same problem with Tom at the moment. He is really clingy and I can't go out of the room for a second without him crying. He's also started waking in the night and screaming. It's heartbreaking but also really hard work! My HV said 'don't worry...he'll grow out of it in a few months'. Months?! Months?! :shock:
Isaac was like that for the first months of his life, and it is completely draining, upsetting and you really need support to get through it. There's not much can be done except to let it pass, have you thought about a baby sling, I can recommend the Babyhawk, I use it with Isaac and its great. I really hope it passes for you soon, I really hope you can take a few mins away to gather yourself if it gets a bit upsetting, OH's can really help here, taking LO out in buggy/car may help, very best wishes :hug: :hug: :hug:

These may help;
http://www.babycentre.co.uk/baby/develo ... ependence/
http://www.babycentre.co.uk/baby/develo ... ercryingq/
You may start to notice the first signs of budding independence at about four months. That's when your baby will discover that she can cry to get your attention. That's one of the first steps in learning that she has an independent will and that how she behaves can have an impact on others, namely you.

4 months!! thats EXACTLY how old millie was when she stopped sleeping through! little madam!

according to that she's a month or so early, but millie already has separation anxiety. but she seems to be easing with it already, coz i guess i am quite confident when i leave the room- i'll say "milliepops, im gonna go make a cup of tea, ok?" and turn around and walk off and she'll whimper and i'll say without looking around "i'll be back in a minute princess!" and she'll burst into tears but hard as it is ill let her cry while i make my cup of tea, then go back to her and give lots of cuddles and kisses. i think she's learning coz she does it slightly less (occasionally she wont cry when i leave the room) and other times she does cry but stops before i go back to her
Freya also is doing this at the moment, she is being a little monkey :D this evening for example, she was sat downstairs with me when my dh said he would take her to bed to give me a break. She had been fine and smiling, two seconds after they went upstairs, Freya started sobbing, tears and all, he brought her back down to me where she gave me THE biggest grin and stuck her arms out to me. She then sat and fell asleep on my lap, a contented little monkey!!!
Is so lovely to be wanted but frustrating too when you cant do anything without them attatched to you. However, I went through this with my other two and found there is light at the end of the tunnel, just ride it out like all the other phases, it will get better :hug:

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