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scared....slight bleeding at 8 weeks


Dec 10, 2007
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hi every1, im 8 weeks this week and today have noticed that i have a funny discharge. Its dark brown and thin like the kind you get after a period. wondered if any1 thinks i shud be worried? im not in pain but had pains in 1 side yesterday but only for a cuple of minutes.
has any1 had anythin similar????
I had this at 8 weeks and I know several other people on the forum did too... dark brown isn't too much to worry about but obviously you need to get yourself checked out straightaway. Any reasonable doctor/midwife will book you in for a scan at the EPU and at least it'll put your mind at rest.
This seems to be very common so try not to worry too much - as above, it won't hurt to get checked out :hug:
thankyou, that puts my mind at rest abit, bt i shall get checked out o be on the safe sidexxxxxxxx
hi, wel i think its getting worse. i have quite strong dull aches now as well as shooting pains but on and off.its still just brown discharge . ive rang my doctor but cant fit me in till wednesday!!!
quite scared ...
I had the browny one when I was about 8 weeks with my son, it was around the time my period would have been due but I had no pain at all. Best to get checked hun. Phone NHS direct, that's what I did.
I had the same thing and even some bright red blood on 4 different occasions but it's all turned out to be fine. Sometimes there is a small bleed next to the sack which isn't harmful to the baby. It's a lot more common than we all think at the time.

I'd get checked out though, more just to put your mind at rest. You should ask for a re-assurance scan.

good luck xx
I had this at 4 weeks pregnant and 8 weeks. I rang the hospital i was booked in with. My midwife gave me a contact number. They were really good and on both occaisions i was told to come down the next morning where they gave me a scan. It was fine, i now have a lovely baby. I was really worried though cuz i had had a previous miscarriage, but my midwife said that it is when the blood is bright red its more worrying.

I hope you are ok? :hug: :hug:
Hi,rather than ring your gp I would ring nhs direct. Im not sure if you saw my thread but I was taken into hospital on Wednesday night with bleeding, if I had rang the doctor I would not have been seen . If you have pain and bleeding they will put you in contact with the emergency gp and then get you looked at.

I had bleeding and was in pain, everything is ok though and it seems to be a common occurrence in pregnancy. Let us know how you get on!!! :hug:
Hi hun

I had slight pinkish bleeding at 9 weeks last time. I went to the EPU and was seen straight away. It's fairly common, and I think as long as you don't have bright red blood it's not a huge problem. However with ANY blood or blood like staining you're better off to go straight away to your emergency room and they will bring you to the EPU. Even if they find it's nothing and you feel a numpty, think how daft you would feel if there was a problem and you delayed cos you were afraid they would think you were being silly.

Good luck hun. Take care


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