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Samuel born 30/12/2008 @ 9.15


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Oct 2, 2005
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HI everyone

thought i would update everyone on my labour and birth.

On the 28th december me and my D/H and my son AJ travelled back from ireland by boat after visiting the inlaws, nothing exciting there but am blaming the boat for me going into early labour hehe.
On the monday 29th told D/H that i think i might have a water infection coz my back was hurting so he started to note down the times i was uncomfortable. We went to bed about midnight and i was up again at 2 was so uncomfortable, by 4 am i had to take to co-codomol because of the pain, again still convinsed it was a mix of SPD and water infection. I was so uncomfortable by 6 am i phoned the hospital and said i think i may have a water infection but the pain is unberable can some one see me, the midwife said sounds like your in labour i said no deffinatly not am getting induced on friday so she laughed and said come in then bring everything with you.
so woke D/H (took a while he tried to get me to lie down said i would feel better in a n hour bless him it took a while to sink in) and my son up, dropped my son AJ of at his nans and we got to the hospital.
They examined me at 7am and i was 7cm dialated, then it suddenly dawned on me that i was in labour, my waters where still intact and the feeling of needing to urinate was apparently normal. she gave me gas and air even though i tried to pursuade her i needed something stronger she laughed at me and said sweetie you come this far with nothing at all you may as well go all the way (such jolly midwives in liverpool).
Shift change over happened and the midwife checked our heart beats and said she will keep an eye on me (i had remembered all about ajs birth and started to feel stressed something would go wrong) and if my waters havent broken by 11 they will do it for me, (yeah never made it to 11 he was egar) next thing i know am ringing the bell and telling them i want a poo. they examined me and said in 2 hours i had gone from 7cm to fully dialated then i hear her tell the student to get the injection that lossens the placenta. and i realised it was gonna happen now
and it was 9;10 when she broke my waters a trickle came out i pushed and most of the head came out panted the rest of the head came out pushed again and the body with all the water came out and Sam was born at 9.15 and placed on me. all i kept saying was i was 7cm, i came in at 7cm i was 7 cm hes here the last push was the placenta coming out.
There was no stitched needed, the midwife said because the waters came with the body it was klubricated, high of gas and air i said thank god for that i thought you where going to tell me i had a bucket fanny, I did have quite a giggle with my midwife and student

My D/H then said you pooed when you where pushing :oops: which i was mortified by and the midwife laughed and said well yes we where encouraging her to so that the babys passeage had more room, so I felt a littel less embarrased

It was the student that delivered sam and she was great.

I was transfered to the main ward, had a shower and then they let me go home at about 6 ish with me still saying but i was 7cm am getting induced on friday.
that night me and oh where sitting on the couch absolutly gobsmacked that this time the night before we were going to bed who would have thought we would be holding a baby the next night.

I was trying to upload some pictures but dont know how to do it sorry

Pam xxx
Congratulation on the birth of Baby Samuel, Hope you are both doing well
Congratulations! Sounds like you had a good labour :hug:
thanks everyone,

where all doing great, even told D/H i wouldnt mind going through it all again in another 2 years or so,
am so loving being a mother again

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