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SALES - Anyone braving them?

no way lol im still in bed....gonna now eat my weight in chocolate...just got BFN :(
Nah, too much effort. And usually its stuff I'd not buy at full price, so paying half price for something I don't really *want* seems daft.

We bought our new king size bed before Christmas and got a great deal on it. Belated wedding present from my parents as we didn't use the money they gave us to go to Australia to see OH's family, we thought we would invest in a really good comfy bed :cheer: :sleep: It was end of line, and was reduced already but we got another £200 knocked off on top of that :shock: When we got home, I discovered that the actual bed base/frame had originally sold for £1200 at original full price :shock: so was well chuffed it had come down in price so much. The mattress had come down a lot from its original full price also. Absolute bargin and we can't wait for it to be delivered to our new house in early January :lol: :D It's the most comfy bed I've ever laid on and I didn't want to move off of it in the store :lol: :sleep:
I am, im desperate for some clothes as none of my maternity wear fits me anymore and its driving me mad trying to find summat to wear everyday!

I think we must be mad, ah well! :lol:
Went to Comet to buy our new TV and it was really quiet! Apparently PC world was heaving though.
We went to Woolworths and got loads of half price bits for our new house. Also went to Land of Leather to look for a new sofa for the house and found one we like but waiting our few weeks til we get our completion date. It wasn't that busy to be honest!
Was pretty busy, not as bad as I expected though to be honest. Got some bits but not loads and cudnt really be bothered but sorted my clothes shortage out for the next couple of weeks :lol:

Next was closed :shock: not open til tomorrow which suprised me!
im staying indoors today, having a rest and catching up on the housework :roll:
will be going to the sales on friday :D
Im going tomorrow to have a look around the sales :D
My Mum is picking me up at 4.30am to go in to the Next sale. I must be mad :lol:
Next opens at 5am. I have been to it the past few years, but I really don't know if I can be bothered to get up and go in the morning. It's great cos I get loads of stuff for LO but I just don't know if I can be bothered. Will see if I wake up or not!!

are sales really worth going to? i thought it was just all the crap the shops wanna get rid of!?!
trixipaws I agree hun, Next especially brings out all the crap from years ago for adults but the kids clothes are great and you save a fortune, especially as they grow out of them so quickly!! I feel as though I should get my lazy bum out of bed to go but can't be bothered!!

trixipaws said:
are sales really worth going to? i thought it was just all the crap the shops wanna get rid of!?!

The Next sale is fab if you get in there early enough.
im going to the next sale gettin there for 4.30am - i love getting the bargins esp for Leah :D

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