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Omg how gross!!


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Dec 31, 2006
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Today we was looking after my cousins little girl Ruby whos 6 months while her parents braved the sales, well her mum left us her dinner and pudding, she had the dinner okay and when i opened the dessert it was rank see pics and the smell OMG!!!
Miks emailed heinz and we have taken pics ect... do we need to keep the contents? Its so sick, im never feeding heinz to Ava say id of given it to Ruby and she was ill id never forgive myself, the pudding was suposed to be Bananna delight, but it was like dirty dish water and smelt like vomit ewww ewww ewwwwwww


Thats rank. We opened a tin of ambrosia custard the other day and that was off and yet it was in date and the tin wasn't damaged. Makes you wonder who works at the factories :think: :shock:
omg suzy, That is awful!! Its frigging horrific they are allowed to get away with it, My OH has written them a letter, emailed and tried to call to no avail, we will not be giving up though, inside of the tin looks rusty too, they should be extra careful what with baby food, so angry!!!!
alana used to love that banana delight, im not giving this next baby any now :shock:
take it to enviromental health at your local council office, they will deal with it for you
HEINZ will just send you an envelope to send it to them but if you give it to them, local authorities cant do anything.

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