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    My baby boy was born on the 14th May at 6.55pm weighing 6lbs 6oz.

    Heres my story...

    I went in on the 11th May to be induced the first pessary was put in around 11am was on moniter for a hr then got told to have a wander and come back about 3pm. The first pessary didnt work so had 2nd one at 5pm by about 8pm i was having contractions very irregular but quite painfull was giving some pain relief. Doctor and mw came to see me around 10pm to see how i was moniter was showing contractions 6mins apart so doc decided to have a look to see what was happening she examined me which hurt so much i was crying in pain begging her to stop was given some gas and air she tryed to break my waters but cervix was well and truely closed. They left me for the night and said they would see me in the morning.

    12th May contractions stoped over nothing not a sausage :-( so had 3rd pessary at 10am nothing seemed to be happening but again about 5hrs later contractions started and were 2mins apart so was examined by a doc and again cervix was closed had some pain relief and then by 8pm it had all stopped again. Had nice hot bath and the docs came to see me at 10pm said that pessarys hadnt worked so it may mean a section again left me for the night and would see me in the morning.

    13th May doctor came and saw me around 10am examined me to see if she could break my waters but again cervix still closed so no chance she then said my induction had failed and a section was my next option. She then spoke to another doc and said i had 2 choices i could have the pessarys again but in her opionion it wasnt going to work or i could have a elective sections so i chose that. I was told it wouldnt happen that day as they had 7 to do but would go down 1st thing tues morning so they left me all day and about 10pm mw came round and gave me my sexy stockings to put on for next day she went through the pre op bits and took more bloods told me no food and water after 12am.

    14th May consultant came round and again examined me to see if she couldn break my water mw told her that im closed and sore but she tryed anyway!! Asked me what i wanted and i said the section by now i had enough and i wanted my baby here safely was told i would go down some time that day but they couldnt say when. 11am mw came to say bad news not looking likely to have section today. By now im in pieces and getting really stressed. They let me have some toast and 1 glass of water. By 2pm i hadnt heard a thing so hubby asked to speak to a doc as we were both really aggitated and needed to know what was going on. My BP was increased and bubs hb was high. Doc said i wouldnt be going down till late or i could wait till tommorow i said no today this isnt fair.

    At 6pm the top consultant came in asked when i last ate and drank and said i wouldnt be going down shortly. It was all so rushed mw came took babys clothes and lead us to theartre. Ive never been so scared in my life as after all the waiting it was so rushed the top consultant was operating on me. I turns out i went down as an emergency bubs had cord round his neck but he was perfect and let out a loud cry and hubby took a picture.

    By 6.55pm by baby boy was born and not long after i was in recovery i had the serious shakes which made it hard to hold baby and try to feed.

    The mw was fab and really made me feel at ease as was so scared. They let hubby stay till about 10.30pm then he went i tryed to sleep but was in to much pain at 2am they came to get me up and remove my cathatar and shower i made it to shower but passed out and had to be wheeled back to bed they gave me toast and water and i felt a bit better.

    I still cant believe i was let home the next day at 7pm 24hrs after my section.

    It wasnt exactly how i planned my littlemans birth but hes here safe and well and thats all the matters.

    Sorry for essay but was a long 4days xx
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    Doesnt matter what the journey was, the important bit is that your bubba is here safe and sound!

    Hope you and baby are doing well :)

    Pics pleaseeeee x
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    Congrats Shell! Sorry you didnt manage a normal birth.
    Put some piccies up, please!
    Can't believe they let you home the next day. Hope you're recovering well.

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