really not sure if have had the symptons to early


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Jul 25, 2005
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I have been experiencing tender breasts, bloatedness, wind! and constipation, and I am either very snappy or emtional. for the last week and half and i am not due for my period until 2/8/05. (my cycle for the last two months has been 36 days)

today i have had cramping all day, I actually feel i am midway through a period but i am not.

I have always suffered with tender breasts before my period but not nearly two half weeks before. and I have never had cramps like these.

is it to early to test for pregnancy even with my long cycle it used to run between 29 and 31 days.

very confused.

Sarah :?
There are tests that you can use now even before you may miss a period, i think they are called First Prediction or something, i have seen them advertised on TV recently.

Go for it and put your mind at rest !

Good luck
The test you can do before your period is only 4 days before, I did one four days before which was negative and one the day before my period was due and again it was negative!!! 6 days after my missed AF i got a positive!!

I got symptons very early, about a week to two weeks b4 my af was due!

Good luck
Natalie x
Not sure about the tests as I waited until day one of expected cycle but I remember that my boobs were sore about 10 days before but not in the same way as before a period and I had weird cramping right from ovulation time [conception time!] so although it seemed like a period the timing was all out of sync...

let us know what happens... good luck!
Hiya Sarah

It is too early for you to test if you are working on the basis that your cycle is around 36 Days, as you would only be 7 days post conception - which for many women is far too early to test. In my experience I have not known anyone have a positive urine sample earlier than 9 days post conception.

However if this cycle would have been a 29 day cycle, you would have ovulated around 14 days ago, so it would be possible at this point to get a positive result.

As your symptons indeed may be indicative of pregnancy, it is worth doing a HPT. However if the result is negative you need to wait until the last day of your longest cycle to get a reliable result.

Best of luck!
Hi rachel, and all thanks for the response,

rachel, my ovulation calander said I ovulated around the 11-16th I am working on 32 days this month ( sorry I didnt look it up in the calander on my original thread) as my last day was the 2/07/05 and I am usually to the day.

I have had tender Brsts and cramping, which was on an off, and the other symptons in my original thread since the 19th, although the cramping in the last two days has turned premenstrual cramping,

I tested with first response this morning I know it was to early, and got a I have now made a doctors appointment for monday to get checked out.


Hiya Again Sarah

If Day 1 of your cycle was the 2nd July and you are going by a 32 day cycle, approximate ovulation would have been around the 19th - Which would be 14 days before your next expected AF (Which is assuming a Leutal phase of 14 days). I think the breast tenderness around the 19th would have been due to ovulation.

This being the case, it's only 7 days since ovulation, therefore you wouldn't get a positive HPT yet, even if you are infact pregnant...So, you could still very well be but I think you need to leave it at least another 5 days if you are going to test again...That is if you were planning on testing!

By Monday though a blood or urine test at the doctors should show positive if you are pregnant!

Best of Luck! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Thanks Rachel,

I am going to wait until Monday. Thanks for your advice


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