Rattly chest from a cold

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by kitty2016, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Hi all

    Baby is 5 months and is just getting over his first cold. He is exclusively breastfed.
    His chest is rattly as though the phlegm is making its way out.
    I think he has also started teething.

    For the past two nights he has been awake or feeding pretty much I constantly. He hasn't settled on his own and we've had to be walking around with him for hours at a time for him to get any sleep. The moment he is put down he will wake up and cry. This is so out of character for him.
    We co-sleep, he's in a next2me sleeper at the side of me so he's never alone.

    Any suggestions? Me and hubby are now on 48 hours plus of no sleep 😴
    Babe is sleeping loads during the day to make up for his missed hours.

    When he's awake he's happy and playing so obviously not in pain.
    Am I missing something obvious at this stage?

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