Apr 19, 2005
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Hello Every1

Hope everyone is well.
Just a few questions i would like answered.
I went to my doctors last Friday, she told me about wot not to eat etc etc!
She told me not to eat anything with raw eggs in it, i totally haven't thought about it, but i've ate coslaw, which has mayonaise in it which is raw eggs, also tuna & mayo!!! God Im sooo thick!
Is this a definately no no or what?! Im craving the above things which seems to be the problem!
Im taking Folic Acid daily as advised by the doctor & also got told not to touch cat litter trays and liver.
Is all the above a big risk for a certain period of being pregnant?!
I have the midwife next Friday, by that time i will be about 8/9 weeks, what happens in this appointment?!
I think this is my last question.......when do you usually get you're 1st scan?! And when is it safe to tell family/friends about the good news?!
Thank You All Once again for listening!!!
Rebecca xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mayo is ok. Just not raw cookie dough or anything like that. Definatly NO cat litter trays EVER during pregnancy, get someone else to change the litter. Liver I have no idea. At your next appointment you can expect to have your weight checked, your blood pressure taken, your urine tested for protien and sugar, some blood tests done(to check your blood type, your sugar level, and anemia), and time for them to answer any questions you may have. I don't know about scotland but here your first scan is usually around 20 weeks, unless you have no idea when your last cycle was then they could order one to tell how far along you are. I hope I helped.

I know you need to stear clear of certain foods but not really sure why. You need to stear clear of cat litter becasue of Toxic plasmosis (Think that is right)?? Which can be harmful to the baby. I also heard to not eat peanuts as well.

The next appointment with the midwife should be to fill your antenatal book in before your 12 week scan (which can be between 11-20 weeks appararanty - depending what area of the UK you live in). My first app with the midwife is on the 4th and I should get my letter tommorrow re date for first scan.

Hope this has helped and good luck!
Sarah x
I ahve my 1sta pp with my gp in a few days. I rang him 3wks ago and he said that he does not see women till they have missed 2 periods. How crazy! He will the book an app for the midwife to come out to my house and she will go through everything like take blood test, urine samples etc: in newcastle upon tyne we get 1st scan at 13wks!
Hi Rebecca don't worry to much hun the reason for not eating raw eggs is we are more proun (not sure on spelling) to get food poisoning when pregnant I think you will find mayo and coleslaw contains pasterised ingredients whereas a restaurant mayo would make mayo using raw egg. This is how my doc explained it to me.
Most foods are ok, Peanuts are not recommend or homemade mayo, but helmans etc is fine, also liver should be avoided. Cat litter should not be handled and hygeine should be increased when touching cats just incase they have been incontact with Toximiplosis (dont know how to spell it)! Common sense really is the main factor, and dont get to paranoid is what my midwife told me!

My first midwife app was at my home, she took personal details and asked about any family history of illness etc, she also took a urine sample and blood to check for any infections etc. She then sent off a request for me to have an U/S as i said i wasnt completley sure of my last period date (only said this to make sure they did the U/S as i have now heard they do not always do the 12 week one on NHS) so i have my first scan in 2 weeks, so very excited now!!

Well good luck, hope all goes well
Take care, Natalie x
ive just found out these no nos
no mc fluurys from mcdonalds
no milkshakes from places like that
no drink that is kept in them chillers (like slush puppy machines)
as they dont clean them properly

mayo is ok if its paturiesed
nuts are ok if there is no allegy in the family although only a small amount otherwise u could start ur babys allergy to them

shell fish is ok if its cooked
no soft cheese cheddar is best as its pasturised

hope these help
bev xxx
Soft cheese is ok, but not cheese like Stilton or Brie, which has to be left a long time to mature, you can eat Philidelphia etc!
Going back to one of the earlier comments, I've had no option but to deal with my kittens litter tray because my DH works away and my family are not nearby.
I've just made sure to wear disposable gloves and my home seems to be full of antibacterial soap - its become a bit of an obsession to wash my hands all the time especially after dealing with said litter tray (2 kittens = double the mess - euw not good in the early stages when I had morning sickness :( )
But it was either deal with the litter tray or get rid of my kittens Ronnie and Reggie which I could not bear!
i was also told to avoid pate, and salad bars where the food is left hanging around and also if you have steak or other meat to make sure it is cooked well.
yeah mayo is fine as long as it comes from a jar as they use cooked eggs. but when you buy something not knowing if its raw or not best to leeve it. Most places dont use raw eggs anyway because of the salmonela poisoning, but ud certainly know if you had that!
No Mcdonalds milkshakes??!?!

eeek oh no I have been having loads!

My midwife told me no shellfish / soft cheese / liver she didn't mention peanuts but i know that from my last pregnancy.

Also aswell as the cat litter there is lambs and pregnant ewes.
I asked her about hot baths as everyone keeps telling me you can't have them, she was kind of vague, I have cooled down my baths a little bit, but it's hard!

*Unpasteurised cheeses (Brie, Goats cheese etc.)
*unpasteurised milk
*Undercooked meats (Pork/Steak etc-Toxoplasmosis)
*Smoked Fish (contains Nitrate-reduces oxygen in your blood)
*Eggs (unless cooked through)
*Fresh mayonnaise (jarred etc is fine as the eggs are cooked)
*coleslaw (ready prepared contains listeria)
*Ready cooked chilled foods (if infected being refrigarated bacteria will multiply - you must eat within the 'best by date')
*Nuts (if you have any allergies)



*Prawns: best to avoid prepacked sandwiches, salads etc as its unknown if the prawns were frozen or not so can hold bacteria.
*Processed foods(cheeses, sausages, meats) due to the chemicals added for shelf life/clourings etc.
*Preserved foods (smoked fish, meat and cheeses, pickled foods and sausages) as they all contain nitrate an active agent that reduces oxygen in your blood.

Empty Calorie foods contain nothing but sugar or sugar substitutes and refined flour should be kept to a minimum:

*sweeteners (white/brown sugar, syrup, treacle and artificial sweeteners- found in diet drinks etc)
*Coke, Lemonade sweetened fruit juices etc.
*Biscuits, Cakes,Pies etc
*Artificial Cream
*Tinned fruit in syrup
*Sweetened Cereals
*Ice creams etc that contain added sugar
*Savouries (peanut butter, Salad dressings, sauces etc.)

Never refreeze foods or re-microwave them as bacteria can become immune to it.
I found something today that nobody has mentioned and that is salad cream it has egg yolks in but unlike jarred mayo it doesn't say pasterised so I didn't use any.
I think salad cream is ok as the egg yolk is either pasturised or dried, so I think it's ok...I've been eating it anyway, and I did in my last pregnancy too.

I think as long as you use common sense as far as eating out-of-date foods etc you'll be fine. If you avoided everything on the list you'd miss out on a lot of nutrients too....for example cheese is very good for you and just because it's processed doesn't mean you should cut it out entirely.

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