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Question for Epidural mums (or anyone who has had a cannula)


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Jan 15, 2007
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Dont know if this is in the right section...

When I had my epidural they put a cannula in the back of my wrist. Since then my wrist hasnt been the same. Sometimes my wrist, it feels like the bones, really hurts and I dont have any strength in my wrist. It doesnt happen all the time, it just flares up every now and then (like today). I thought whatever it was causing it would have gone by now but it is still happening. Im thinking a nerve or bone may have been damaged by the cannula needle.

Just wondering if anything similar has happened to anyone else? I think I might see the doctor about it because it is really painful sometimes.
I've never heard of this. mine was OK.

I'd deffo see your doctor. :)
Mine was ok too and I had 3 cannulas, id get it checked if I were you honey xx
cannulas are only plastic so dont think it would damage bones in any way, maybe hit a nerve?
See your GP :hug: :hug: :hug: chances are you will never know, but maybe some heat packs or rubs would help? I know my right leg was numb in a certain area for months after giving birth, I put that down to the epidural but the Doc's all said it may be OK or never OK, we cannot say :roll: really hope it eases for you Natalie, sorry couldn't help, have a cannula scar myself, like a weird reminder :lol:
I had a cannula too and still have a scarf but nothing else. I weould definitely see a doctor: it might not be connected with cannula at all?
It could be that the cannula has aggravated a pre existing condition.

I've had literally hundreds of cannulas fitted for a variety of reasons. Some of them were successful with the fitting other times, they were more aggressive in getting them in... I've had them in for weeks at a time as well.... and while my hand/wrist has hurt for maybe a couple of weeks after having it out, in all my life I've never had any problems like you describe. They may fit the cannula with a needle but the actual tube is made of plastic.

However, I do know that if there was a pre existing condition, such as arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, then it could cause the immune system to start attacking that area, causing a flare of the arthritis.... however, as I said it would be very rare if it was.

You do need to see your doctor about it... It might not have anything to do with the cannula but because you had the cannula there, it has drawn your attention to your wrist.
I don't know if this helps but I have the same thing but it wasn't caused during giving birth. I had septeceamia at the beginning of Decemeber and had a line put into mt wrist. Since it was taken out I have had the same thing as you but in my hand. I went to my doc and she says that it is likely that nerves have been damaged whenthe needle went in. I suspect this is the same as you. She said it should get better but could take several months.

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