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Private Scan?

x Naomi x

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Apr 17, 2007
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After my recent losses i am planning on having a private scan for reassurance this time

I went to a lovely private scanning studio when i was miscarrying in september and it only costs £80 which to me is money well worth spent

Thinking about having one at around 8 weeks as i think that is the longest i could leave it without going barmy!

Just wondered who has had a scan at 8 weeks and what was seen etc, also if anyone has any pics that would be great!
Hi NW1,

I had a private scan at 6 week and your couldnt see anything apart from a mass and the little heartbeat then I had an NHS one at 8 weeks 3 days and it still didnt look very baby like, you couldnt distinguise any features but it all depends I suppose on how much time your sonographer takes to look.

With the private scan you get alot longer then with a NHS one so your experience may be different. I havent got the pic on the pc so cant send it sorry!!!
I have a 6 week scan on Friday 11th with the NHS. The gynae is doing this to give us a peace of mind. I was told to ring them as soon as I found out I was pregnant after the last time and they have been ever so good and kind. As soon as I have the scan I will send it to you. I am told 6 week scan lets us hear the heartbeat.
Thanks for replies,

I think when i go see the doctor i will ask if they will give me an earlier scan, i doubt it though!

Not sure when to go to the docs this time either i went pretty much as soon as i found out the first time
Im going on Friday at least hen ill be 5 weeks or so so it wont be too bad../


Im going to have a private scan too...
It's the best £75 I've ever spent and I'd consider having another one this pregnancy - they take so much more time and I got 8 free pictures!
i had one at 9+4 and it was great...little bean with flashing heart and little arms and leg nubs flailing about....it was my first scan so best experience of my life...go for it...will put your mind at rest :hug:
With Isaac we had a 5wk 5day scan, and it was just a little smudge and a flicker on the screen but that flicker was his heartbeat and it was overwhelmingly reassuring, so I think your reasons will be satisfied enough, regardless of what you can see, very best wishes, we had it NHS so didn't get any pics to show :hug: :hug: :hug:
I really want one again this time. Last time, I was 5+6, saw a tiny heartbeat but it still miscarried, I'm thinking that if I pay for another one it won't really stop me worrying. I guess it can't hurt though.

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