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    dont know if any one is interested, but u all probably know ive been suffering with back ache, well no surprise only being 5ft lol well i brought a pregnancy support belt today and omg what a difference, my back ache just went in about 10 mins and my posture is so much better, wish i brought one earlier.

    i got mine in john lewis for 9.99 and i know toysrus have them on their website for the same price.

    try one out ladies if ur suffering
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    Jul 4, 2005
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    i was sent to physio with my second child and was given a support belt and now am 30 weeks with my third and i have got to go back i have got to agree with you but if you meantion to your midwife she should refer you to physio and the physio will give you some very good tips from how to sit to sleeping there is normally a physio based in your antenatal clinic at the hospital

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