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I wouldn't like that if OH did that to me.
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No you're not being over sensitive, that would have upset me at the best of times let alone when we're pregnant and have all these hormones to deal with. Hopefully now he's seen that it really wasnt funny he'll be a bit more sensitive in future! xx
I think I would act just the same hun, then laugh, then cry!! Don't think you're being over sensitive hun

:hug: :hug: :hug:
Awww! Don't worry hun! It's all hormones!!

He was probably just trying to make you laugh :hug: xxx
That's horrible, I reckon I'd feel so humiliated! I don't think you overreacted at all!

Back to tri 1 ;)

Yes, I think I would have hated that too - it really gets to me when I have to wear them!!! I always thought it was something middle aged women did!
thats some thing my bloke would do, there such an immature breed :rotfl: its just hormones making you more sensitive.
Honestly, I would've cried too I think :lol: I also would've stuck it on his bloody forehead for doing that :lol:
i find myself getting upset about things that wouldnt of bothered me before!

This might cheer you up, the other week i put my pantyliner on upside down, went for a wee an hour later to find no panty liner...thought i'd forgotten and went for a wee was stuck to my lady garden (which is more like a jungle at the mo), needless to say it all got a bit messy. I also wouldnt recommend it as a alternative to waxing :shock:

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