Mother's intuition - boy or girl? UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS

I have a feeling I'm having a boy, but not too sure. Will find out next month and let you all know! x :cheer: :cheer:
I think i am having a girl as i had a spiritual reading before i got pregnant and was told there would be a baby girl in the family. My mum was told the same in her reading too! I find out in 4 weeks so team green for now!
With my daughter, after having my 20 week scan and looking at the photo I was convinced I was having a girl until one of the women I work with, who use to be a nurse said no it could be a boy because of such and such, so then convinced myself for the rest of the pregnancy we were having a boy. I though she'd know as she was a nurse!!!!

The best surprise in the world finding out she was a girl.

This pregnancy is so like my last in so many ways, even down to things happening on the same day of pregnancy that it makes me think it might be a girl again. I'm having my scan tomorrow and we are remaining team green, but I hope I might be able to get a bit of an idea from the photo.

I thought girl when got pg
Then boy when had dating scan
Then at 20 week scan we were told it MIGHT be a girl
So I call bump she, but ya never know......

Thought boy as felt so different from pregnancy's with my 2 girls, and yes its a boy :cheer:
I had my scan much for mothers intuition :shakehead: ...its a girl! We are thrilled. I really didnt mind what we got, im just so pleased to be able to call Baby 'her' and not 'it' anymore! :cheer: Thought you might want to update the list! :cheer:
well i was wrong we are not team purple we are team blue :D xxxxxxxxxxxx
I thought GIRL, Hubby thought BOY.

Sonographer at 20 week scan says looks like a girl, but couldnt tell for definate as baby wasnt very cooperative!! I call Bump 'Her', but Hubby still thinks Boy!!

I want to know for definate!!!!!!!!!
I thought charlotte was a boy until the moment she was born - even the mw delivering thought she was a boy as she was a bit arkward coming out. This time I am thinking a girl - so will probably be a boy. Can't decide whther to find out or not though........
With my first I was totally and utterly convinced I was having a boy, my OH at that time was 1 of 4 boys and his brother had 2 boys also. I could not believe my ears when they said 'It's a Girl!' I really didn't mind what sex the baby was, but I just has such a strong feeling she was a boy! lol The hospital policy back then was not to tell you the sex, this has since changed but I'm not going to find out this time, and I really haven't got a strong feeling either way, althought all of the chinese gender prediction thingys say girl! lol my OH really wants a boy as he's feeling a bit out-numbered!
I was convinced it was a boy and my OH thought it was a girl so we had a £5 bet on - and he won!
:wave: im butting in from 3rd Tri - hope you dont mind!!!

I thought BLUE but im actually PINK

I think it's blue for me.. but will not know until Saturday.
I thought girl with my first and was right. I think girl this time, but will have to wait another
week to see if i'm right! xx
Quick update, ive booked my 3d scan for 16th August so we will know then, im so excited, hate to think what ill be like this time next week
Well I've changed my mind since my scan I'm now thinking it's a boy...

All updated
Something tells me I'm having a girl, I don't know why but everywhere I go I'm looking at girls stuff.........just a real strong feeling. Won't find out until 15th Sept!

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