Mother's intuition - boy or girl? UPDATED WITH FINAL RESULTS

I thought boy and Im having a girl!! :rotfl: Im always crap at getting my own right! :doh:
With my little girl, i thought it was a boy!

I was even told it was a boy - the midwife kept on telling me that the speed of the heart beat was a boy and the way it was lying etc....old wives' tales I think! We even decided on the name Ben........

It was a complete shock when she entered the world! I was absolutely delighted though :cheer:

This time I also think it is a boy but all my friends are saying another girl! What ever the sex I will be ecstatic! I can't wait until Nov!!

Julia xxx
When i was expecting my son i knew he was a boy all the way through - we never found out at the scans or anything - i just knew - even when i woke up after the operation i asked "where is he?" the midwive was astounded i knew i'd had a boy lol.. this time round i had a really strong feeling i was carying a girl... nearly all my friends were convinced i was having a little girl too.. even my mum thought it was a girl lol.. n then we went for the scan and saw quite clearly meat and two veg!! :lol:
I thought boy all along.. and its a boy..

well i had gender scan and they said boy...

got 3d tomorrow, i'll def be asking them to double check hehe xx
I think its a girl, but not found out yet, will let you know in a couple of weeks
I really dont have any clue, but my OH is convinced its a boy (think thats more wishful thinking on his part as he has 2 girls from his previous marriage).

I havent had any morning sickness! My bump is low! Head was on the left at the 12 weeks scan.

Statistics of when tiglet was conceived would indicate we are more likely to have a boy - BD'ed only the day of ovulation (as nearly missed ovulation as came very early in cycle) - but then does this theory actually work?

Only 4 weeks and we get to find out.........but really I have no idea?

Any guesses.....???
I swore I was having a boy, and was quite surprised to find out at the scan that I'm expecting a girl!! I don't mind, I'm really excited to be having a girl! :dance:
Hello :wave:

Dunno why but I think BOY...scan tomorrow and hoping to find out! :pray: I dont care what team I am on...I just want to know! :cheer:
i was right on my 1st child and my 3rd but this one im really unsure
im thinking 1 of each :D what team do you call that???? purple maybe??? :rotfl:
hoping to find out on wednesday
so thinking team purple :D xxxxxxx
I have a strong blue feeling but Neil and my mum both think pink. We shall find out on the 20th August!
I'm thinking BOY!! I dont know why, but everytime I talk about the baby I say "he" ..... we wont been finding out as our area doesnt tell us the sex of the baby... so we're staying team green!!
I'm thinking boy purely due to the ring and string test. not finding out until the birth.
Claire x
I really have no idea so have to wait till baby's arrival.

Its so strange cos with Lucy I "knew" she was a girl but this time I'm clueless!
Thought girl.... found out it's a boy!!!!

Would never go for staying Team Green... haven't got the patience!!

Sarah xxx
I think i am having a girl. but could be wrong

will find out on the 14th august, when we have a private gender scan while on holiday cant wait!!!

All added to the first post. We're not doing too well with guessing right so far :D
i was spot on with my other 4 children and 20 scan confirmed it :)

This time i think its a girl, not sure if im going to find out the sex this time though :)

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