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Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by jo jo, May 31, 2005.

  1. jo jo

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    May 26, 2005
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    Im sorry i cant really help with the headaches, i have been getting mild ones but nothing too serious but i have not taken any paracetamol, although you can take it in pregnancy i would rather not at this early stage. I have been suffering quite badly with lower backache though over the last 2 weeks already, i asked my midwife and she said it is normal atthis stage so try not to worry.

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    May 18, 2005
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    I think headaches could indicate elevated blood pressure. Play it safe, call your doctor and see if s/he wants to examine you. Or just make an appointment and insist.

    That thing on painkiller bottles "if pain persists, see your doctor" is not just decoration.
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    Apr 2, 2005
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    Dont know if this will help but I posted on another thread about Migraines that I got at exactly 11 weeks pregnant with Four of my Children, including this pregnancy.

    From looking on various sites, Google searches apparently it is very common and is due to a high amount of Hormones at that particular time...especially around when the Placenta is going to take over.

    It is said that many women get Migraines for the first time in pregnancy. (I was one of them back in 1989 with my daughter)

    Good Luck & dont worry too much but like advised always check with midwife for blood pressure just in case if its very persistant.

    Ragna xxxx
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    May 22, 2005
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    I too am suffering from headaches and have been told it could be due to many different factors including:
    2)Not drinking enough water - I now have a large bottle on my desk at work and fill it daily from the water dispenser - FREE!
    3)Having given up smoking - didn't even think of this one!
    4)Tiredness - rest as much as possible - i pop out at work for 10 mins stroll for some fresh air a couple of times a day.
    5)Eye Strain - optitian has told me that your eyes can get a bit worse during pregnancy, but should revert back again afterwards so DONT spend a fortune on new glasses as you will possibly need to buy new ones again at the end!
    6)Stress - The London Underground grrrrrrr

    What i do is have a lovely warm bath with Lavender bubbles and soak for a wee while, then massage my feet - reflexology affects different parts of your body so have a look at a website to find the part for your head - with some cocoa butter creme or peppermint foot stuff (from Boots). I also have a cold gel mask in the fridge if the pain is very bad and lie on the bed with it until the pain subsides.

    One thing you can't do is ignore the pain and hope it goes away - as it won't just go away and will stress you out making it feel 10 times worse -if it appears when i am at work then i let my boss know immediately, so if it does get worse he is aware and ok for me to leave a bit earlier.

    Hope this helps
    Les x :D

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