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Jul 12, 2005
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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else are getting headaches all the time? I know it can be one of the symptons but it is really starting to get me down now.
I've had a headache everyday for about 5 weeks, sometimes they are very mild but other days (like today) they are torture. I've taken paracetamol but they only take the edge off it for an hour or two then comes back and i don't want to eat them like sweets just incase my babe objects!
I've also been getting the normal morning sickness/tiredness/cramps etc which i can cope with but i'm going to have to chop my head off soon if these don't stop :cry:

Dear Nicki

I also suffered from mild and strong headaches every day for about 2 weeks. With the mild headaches, they got me down but I just had to get on with it. I had two or three really strong ones and even phoned NHS direct for advice. They said that if I took a tablet it would go away just to come back again the next day. They told me to lay in a dark room and put a cold compress on my forhead and a hot water bottle (with cover) on the back of my neck. So I went to bed, put on a DVD and took their advice. Not sure if it worked because I fell asleep. BUT, because I fell asleep it went away. I am currently 11 weeks and my symptoms are slowly starting to fade (apart from sore boobs). I am afraid that we just have to put up with it. If you feel very down, take a day off, have a long bath and go to bed - rest it the best answer. Try not to take the tablets. You could also try a herbal rub called "forehead", which you put on your head....never tried it but it might work for you........Good luck xxxx
ive had headaches every day for about 5 days now first of all i put it down to stress but the stress is now gone and headaches still here so im assuming its a pg symptom especially since my bbs now feel like they have gone up a whole size and are hurting all over lol they feel like balloons xxxx
I too have had a bad head, isnt it hell! It made me feel better to think that our beans are probably having a worse time with all that space inside and fluid sloshing them left right and centre. They must be dizzy too, LOL! AT work i had to run the other day and laughed afterwards at the thought of my baby riding the wave machine!!!!!!!! :D

I am allergic to most pain releivers going so know how you feel, labour is gonna be hell!
I sufferd with alot of headaches untill about 16 weeks, they were horrible.

i used the kool and soothe sheets that stick on your head, they were great! i also had an ice cold fannel on my neck, so with the two combined it really helped.

give them a try

I suffered loads with headaches at the beginning, but as time has gone on, I dont tend to suffer anymore, only occasionaly normally if i havent drunk enough!! try to drink plenty of water, and you can take paratecamol if you need to, although i tried not to and only took one during a day!

Take care
Natalie x

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