Please help anxious wife TTC!

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Apr 22, 2005
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Hello my name is Amy and i have a few questions and worries!
Myself and my husband Phillip have been TTC since mid February. I came off the BCP in January and im sick of seeing BFN!!! We do the BD at least 3 time a week.

I had a LMP around the 18th March and havent had one since. I was told by my friend to try to find my most fertile time by counting so many days after my period but im still waiting for it!!!!!

I did HPT on 13th April: BFN then did another on 20th April: again BFN so i cant be pregnant, or can i? I also look at my CM but it never seems to be EWCM!

Can anyone give me some advise?
I know i should probably be more patient but i work at a dentist and must see 10 pregnant women a week plus one of the other nurses is 7 months pregnant!! ARGH!

Thanks for reading my message.
Hi Amy,
it is possible to have a negative and be pregnant if you keep getting negatives you should go to your doctors as they will be able to do a blood test.
have you had any symptoms yet.
i got really excited this month as i was over a week late but just as me and my partner had convinced ourselves we were, my af reared its ugly
keep me posted
Hi Cholly

Thanks for the reply, its good to know theres someone to talk to in the same boat! I did another test 2 days ago, again BFN. My AF is now nearly 2 weeks late, i rang to doctors to have a blood test but the receptionist said they send a urine sample to a lab, not blood tests. So i left them a sample which the result is gonna take 3 days to come back! ARGH! So im eagerly await Thursday afternoon.

Baby dust to you :wink:

From Amy (Mrs P)
good luck! even though it is a bit strange that they send a urine sample away :? . Did they give any reason why they didn't need a blood test?

keep me posted

No they said on the phone to give a urine sample, then if the result in bfp i can book in with the doctor. Maybe if i insisted to see a doctor or nurse they might have done a blood test. The receptionist just said it was standard procedure. I just hope its not like the useless hpt that require urine coz they will get a BFN!!! :lol:
Hi again,
:cry: bfn again. dont understand why my af is so late. maybe its the bcp playing havoc with my body.

sorry it was a bfn again. are you going to book an appointment at the dr's if af dosen't arrive soon?
If af does arrive at least you have got the fun of a whole month of doing bd again I'm sure your husband doesn't complain, i know mine doesn't!
my af has finally finish this month so we are going to get straight back at it
Baby dust to you
Cholly [/code][/list]

Yes im gonna book into the docs next week if af doesnt arrive over the weekend. Hope she doesnt coz were off to milton keynes for the weekend so plenty of bd! my husband doesnt mind at all!

Have fun too :lol:


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