Pinky discharge after sex.....

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by bute69, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. bute69

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    Sep 11, 2011
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    I have been putting off OH having sex for about 3 Weeks, as have felt too uncomfy. Today I gave in and after only a few minutes felt too sore to carry on. Afterwards when I wiped I had a slight pinky coloured discharge. Nothing awful and not that much of it, didn't even stain my pants. Sorry if TMI!! This evening I have a slightly discoloured discharge. Not pinky, just a slight browny pink and not continuous, again, just when I wipe. Again not a lot of it and wouldn't have even noticed if the loo roll wasn't white! I'm achy and sore down below. Anyone else had this? Is it normal??
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    Sep 26, 2010
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    you will be achy and sore because you were tense hon........try and relax and i promise you it will be fine :)

    in fact pregnancy orgasms are great :D lol xx

    again the pinkiness is probably just maybe with a bit of irritation...

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