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photographer at the hospital


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Mar 30, 2007
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My mum told me that a photographer usually comes to the hospital after the birth to take pictures of mother and baby together, then you have the opportunity to order copies.

was it the case for any of you?
or did a photographer come to take 'official' pictures of your babies?
I know in my local hospital you can take your baby to have it's photo taken to be put in the new arrivals section in your local paper..and you can buy copies of the photo.

I didn't as i wanted to leave hospital as quick as as i hated it in there :)

But i have never heard of having mother and baby photos done in the hospital.

Mayb ask your midwife :)
yes.. i got full pack, it was only of JT though, but we got big pic, few smaller pics then loads of ones saying welcome to the world that you can send to people announcing arrival and loads of passport ones, was 35 quid.. he loked a bit scrunched up on it but i love it cos it was one of first pics of him :hug:
When I had James a photographer came around and offered everyone the chance to have their babys picture taken (them in their hospital cot, they lay them on a sheet of background paper).
I had James' done and although he looks like a gargoyle it's my favourite picture of him cos it was taken at 4 hours old and is much better than the one's me and my family took due to the posh camera equipment

I would have NEVER! let myself be photographed at that stage, in my dressing gown with wet milk patches at the front :lol: :lol:
No in both hospitals i have been in never heard of anything like it!
there were posters up on the wall about it but i didnt take much notice of them to be honest
When I had Lydia the photographer came round the following day just before we went home.

But when I had Alex apparently the photographer was having a day off, which I was disappointed about.
Yes I had passport photos of both of mine plus a pack with announcement cards and larger photos. It was really reasonable too :D
I got... actually I can't remember... a pack anyway of different sized photos, keyrings, 6 announcement cards... she came round on my 1st morning after the birth.

It was a bounty photographer... http://www.bounty.com/photo/ if you click on there you'll see a link in the paragraph checking if your hospital has a bounty photographer...

My picture was only of Ryan.

yeah, somone came round and took a couple of pictures of hannah. Completly forgot about it till now to be honest.!
I had some lady come round the morning after i gave birth but i said no because i wanted to go home.

Might get it done this time though.
yeah they automatically came round to me, i didnt get them tho they were so expensive and looked practically the same as wot my dad did lol
Had a lady the morning after she was born, took piccies of Ruby..I didnt like them to be honest, we got loads of lovely ones on our own camera which were much more natural....

They were fairly pricey and I felt a bit pressured to order them, she was trying to rush me into ordering some, and I was feeling poo after c section so I asked her to leave details with me and I would seak to OH once he arrived....you can order them once you get home, they give you a reference number for your piccies so dont feel pressured into ordering them :shakehead:
We had the baby portrait people come round the day after Aaron was born and she took a photo of him. I loved it (even though he's a bit orange from jaundice) it cost about £35 for the pack which was one big photo 2 medium 4 small and the passport ones and smaller ones with announcement cards to send. I thought it was brill! I wasn't pressured into it, they just took the photo and then they sent them to me about a week later and if I didn't like it then we could send them back and not pay or you could buy what you wanted from the pack and send the other's back, like school photos :lol:
There was nothing at the hospital like this, wish there was though!
we had some done of jayde but didnt buy them as they looked horrid she ws on a white background white a white babygrow
Yeah Isaac had (I'm sure they were also) bounty pic's done at hospital. The lady even took my debit card because I had no cash on me. Recently there have been adverts in my local paper for hospital baby photographers! What a lovely job!

Lou :)
The Bounty Pack woman came round the day after Willow was born.We ordered the whole set-i'd really recommend it

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