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Mar 22, 2007
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I was just wondering if anyone had seen her or spoke to her..

not seen her for a while...

hope all is ok :hug:
:hug: Hey hun i am here, Just been so busy with the house and now we are having to totally sort the flat we rent out as the last tenants trashed it totally :( and can't rent it out again till it is sorted and can't afford to pay for both places so bit of a mare so spending every moment over there doing that which i could do without!!

Awww post all for me, didn't think i would be missed, will try and post a bit more :hug: Oh and still feeding my 3 parrot chicks 4 times a day so am busy busy busy, have a scan on wednesday with the fetal heart unit just to get baby checked out as my daughter was born with a hole in her heart so they want to double check baby...

Oh and i am also sorting out a surprise for my hubby to be's birthday at the end of the month, he will LOVE it can't say to much here just incase he looks in and see what i have planned (will email you sunshinestars as your my text buddy and you need to know! lol )

Thanks again everyone i feel special :D :cheer:
:hug: :hug:

See you just had to think of me and here i be :D :D

Hi Feefee hope all is good with you :hug:
Yeah not bad thanks flower,
How's ya bumpage? :hug:
FeeFee said:
How's ya bumpage? :hug:

:rotfl: :rotfl: Like it ! lol

Bumpage is getting bigger i will get a pic up this week of the bump, feeling a bit yuk not sure if i have some sort of tummy bug or something but not been right for a while and feels like baby is right under my ribs and hate sitting down or driving Grrrr lol I will stop moaning now :wink: x
OOOOO snap sucks dog doo doo doesn't it, had a late night Saturday and i'm still trying to recover from it, god i must be getting old!!
Can't wait for the new piccies :cheer:

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