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Mar 30, 2005
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Ok this is not good, but i actually dreamt last night that i was being rather rude with Steven Gerrard!! :? Pregnancy can do weird things cant it!! At least I hope its not just me!! :oops:

Natalie x
ol lol i have had dreams like that, but i feel bad then coz i wake up wnting a bit but its coz i was thinking/dreaming about someone else lol

who is steven Gerrard by the way?
He plays for Liverpool and England (football) Im into my football and watched the match on sat so could be why it was him in my dream!!! :lol:
i watched that too, it was good :)

dont worry tho, im sure we are not the only ones, i have dreams about people that i dont even like and wake up very flusterd lol

hormones aer not all bad eh? ;)
Having the dreams are good, the problem is the frustration after!!! :lol: Im to big to do anything about it now :lol:
That would be the best dream EVER!!
Natalie that sounds like a fab dream!!!! im huge Liverpool fan! maybe if i think about football and watch my champions league DVD again before bed, maybe i could have a naughty Stevie G dream....LOL!! :wink:

Well I have been getting those dreams too but my dreams have been about 'Simon Cowell' oh and their was one about that royal guy who I cant remember the name of! He did 'The Farm' I think and that programme where they have to convince people they are someone else (think he was a cockney builder or something) God what was his name?

Anyway, 'Simon Cowell!!!' :?
I remembered his name............... James hewitt!!!

Not sure who is worse 'Simon Cowell' or 'James Hewitt', whatever, they are both not right!!!! :? :lol:
Simon Cowell is def a worry!!! but hey all dreams are good!!

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