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  • Hey hun, I wish the doctors would tell us warn us about these things before they put us on them! I so regret taking Yasmin now.

    I had one first weird cycle where I had the tiniest AF after 41 days (not really a real on i think as it was hardly anything for just one morning) but I counted that as the start of my second cycle. Then i apparently did ovulate that cycle as Fertility Friend picked it up as i had a temperature shift. That lasted 40 days and I got AF (although a fairly light one) and thought my body was working properly. But this cycle now my 3rd I haven't ovulated (My body tried to on CD26 but didn't pop the egg according to my temps) and am now on CD41 with no hint of AF coming so I think I'm going to be in a similar position to you.

    How many cycles have you had since stopping Yasmin?

    Are you still trying in case you do end up ovulating? Really hoping AF arrives for you very soon. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Hope you've had a lovely birthday too :)
    No worries hun Well I'm CD 41 today and if anything like last cycle should be due AF yesterday or today but am feeling nothing and I just have a funny feeling it's going to be a long cycle as I know I've not ovulated this time as I do temps. I only came off Yasmin at beginning of August so still early days but can't stand the thought of just waiting. At least want to be trying. When do you think you'll go the docs again? x
    Just wanted to see how you were doing, I'm guessing you are still waiting? I have a feeling i may be in for a long wait this cycle too. x
    Yes long cycles do suck don't they, I think I am getting my period tomorrow though so that will of been a cycle lasting 63 days!

    Thanks for adding me as a friend, I'm new on here so nice to meet such friendly people on here. Hope you get an end to your cycle doin hun x
    Aww thanx hunny that's really kind of you. Hope your with us very very soon xx
    Hi hun, I had some more twinges this morning but according to my ticker if i am pg it wont of implanted yet so i wonder what these twinges are hmm. I love volvic i get the flavoured one & i drink a full one every day but can even start a 2nd 1litre in a day so am drinking 2 or almost 2 litres of water i day. I hate tap water i cant drink tap water, it has to be from the supermarket. Weird that isnt it. I know eek hope we get our bfp hun, i really do. xxx
    Hi hun. Apart from the odd twinge & the twinges last night i aint had much. I dont think i should have any just yet same for you too, cause if we are pg then it wont be ready to implant just yet, its then that you get all the symptoms. Am ignoring any twinge i get & gonna take it seriouse if i have them in a few days when i know implantation would of happend. I have been weeing loads but i drink 1litre of volvic everyday i am like a gold fish lol! so its prob all the water i drink. Your wed temp was quite good 36.6 wonder if that was your temp rise after ovulation hmmm ? xx
    Hiya, having a cold might mess with your temps, but symptoms wise, am not sure if you would have had implantation yet hun, its about 5 days of the embryo gathering cells before it implants, remember though not everyone has symptoms so early. What was your temp this morning ? xxx
    Hiya hun, i knew mine would be bfn, i aint even hit implantation day yet lol! i couldnt resist the temptation hahaha, there i was sitting on the loo & seen the bag of hpts staring right at me hahaha. So what day are you testing then hun, mine is the 5th november bonfire night, if mine is bfn i will throw myself on the bonfire hahaha. Are you charting yes ? i never charted this month, cause i'm taking progesterone & that would give my chart false indications. xxx
    Hiya hun, my offically 2ww buddy hehehe. Fab that you ovulated today woop woop. I just replied in my thread to your post, i am 1dpo today. Eeek, fingers crossed for us both . xx
    Yay to your +OPK, since the other ladies that we chat to got their BFP in October I have a good feeling for us in November. Not sure when I O but been trying hard to catch the egg. xxx
    Hi Bell, Just wanted to pop by and say hi and thanks for replying to my post. The post is nearly at the bottom of the page so thought it's no point writing anything on it and the author doesn't seem to bothered anyway :) Hope you're well. xx
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