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OMG Child benefit!! **updated**


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Mar 28, 2005
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Have you seen on the news? 15 million peoples details who claim child benefit have gone missing!!!!
Just found the story - so Dobs and bank details are out there, hmmm not good!
Meaning that someone has got their hands on all of our and our LO's details including our bank details!!!!
i had answerphone message the otehr day asking me to ring them.. as they need my NI number i aint rung them.. if they got my phone number they must have my address...send me a letter
i av just read about this on sky.com/news website and apparently all the details were kept on 2 discs that were lost in internal mail!!! :shock: i think someone has resigned as well becus of it.

just been wathcing this on sky news :?
Think il check mine then - fuck are our banks going to be raided now?
Lisa I would give the proper office a phone and tell them, they might be ableto do something with the information!
:shock: :shock: :shock:

My bank account is empty enough as it is... I don't need some conman getting hold of my bank details!

Raaah - from now on I only deal in cash and keep it under my mattress :shakehead:
thats so scary knowing people could no where we live and have all my bank details :?
Yeah that Paul Gray guy should be arrested, resignation or not! what ever happened to data protection? :roll:
omg I've got all my remortgage money in my account! :shock: I'd di if someone raided my account.

I'm going to the bank first thing in the morning!!

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