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o2 and royal mail *screams*


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May 16, 2006
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Right well firstly Royal Mail.


yes. I had some absolutly GORGEOUS portraits done by the very talented xSuzx. I cant describe how amazin they are... Well they were packaged perfectly, big stiff envelope, big red writing


so mr Postman being a lazy **_%&&^(( decided that he was under no circumstances having to return to the depo with undelivered items... and taht this large envelope WOULD fit thru my letter box at whatever cost, and BENT this envelope in half, Trust me this packaging was serious packaging, it would ahve took a lot to bend it.

So my gorgeous portraits were bent in ahlf, the piccys ahve survived, ish. But the mounts are ruint :(
Luckily xSuzx being a st*r is sending me replacemant mounts thank god ** :hug: ** for suz...

Then Royal mail AGAIN, decided to lose my fooking postal order. It was sent recoreded delivery so how the fook they lost it is beyond me :evil:
To make it even better they have told me that i have to wait 15 WORKING days, so 3 whole weeks before i can claim my money back grr...

*deep breaths*

o2, sent me a replacement handset today, for my faulty phone, wouldnt turn on....

and suprise FOOKING suprise.... IT DOESNT FOOKING WORK :evil: :x


Its really not my week!!!!
oh dear!! You are not having a good week at all are you, and it's only the start of the week too!!

Count to 10 and breathe deeply!
I fookimg hate royal mail, urchin never got my kit back for my finger pendants and i thought she as processing my order till i spoke to her earlier
mrs_tommo22 said:
I fookimg hate royal mail, urchin never got my kit back for my finger pendants and i thought she as processing my order till i spoke to her earlier

I was just about to say that...she sent it 2 weeks ago!!!

Now I need to contact all my ebay people and see if they sent theirs too! I hope they haven't snet them ages ago cos I'll be manic now before Christmas.
I already had one sent first class recorded a fortnight ago that took 8 days to get to me... typically it was one that was needed back in [2]2 days[/b] for someone's birthday!!

Thank god I managed it!
iv been having loads of trouble with RM!! They keep putting one card through for 6 items that theyve tied together with an elastic band. I went to see if theyd got a parcel that was suposed to arrive weeks ago and the guy said 'we would have put a card through if we'd got it' and i explained that it could have got separated from the others as iv only been getting 1 card for loads of items and he looked at me like i was the daft one!! There suposed to leave 1 card per item so they dont get lost!! DERRRR!! :roll:
o dear, I hate o2 as well, i always seem to deal with the most mentally challenged one when i have a problem :roll: :doh:
my chuffing postie sends me mail that has to be signed for. once this happened when we were away on holiday and it was a very serious letter, and the crowd that sent it were assured we received it on said date when we didnt.

If im not in, he just leaves parcels on my doorstep in full view for everyone to see. i would rather go to the collection centre for them, at least they are safe there. i dont know what he is playing at.

And dont talk to me about not bending things. he bent my Degree certificate double last year, and it is not fit for lining the cat litter tray, let alone framing and giving to mam. Sod that he is :evil: :evil: :evil:

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