Noah is finally here :)


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Sep 20, 2011
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Hi all

Just to let you know, I had my son one week late on 25th March, after my waters began to leak with merconium on the 24th at 3.30am. Hospital wasnt that great unfortunately, - saying they needed to break my waters properly straight away, but then didnt come back to do it for over 4 hours, and then saying I needed a drip to increase my contractions, but taking another 5 hours to return to sort that out too...

I was 1cm dilated for 25 hours, and then suddenley being 10 cms! I pushed him out in ten mins (that was the nice easy part), after two failed epidurals and it being a back to back labour.

Didnt want epidural, but due to the AMAZING amount of pain in my back due to his position, they told me i needed it, and then I spent most of the 27 hrs laying on my back (which made it worse!). Also meant I missed out on using the pool :(

However, my son was born weighing 8.13lbs and he is gorgeous. I cant lie, it has been the hardest week of my life, as we have been back in hospital as he lost alot of weight and they didnt detect he was tongue tied for first three days, so he missed out on a lot of colostrum (argh). I miss sleep and not spending quality time with my bloke (even a cuddle in bed is impossible at moment), but he is worth it, and we both adore him.

Good luck to everyone else having their babies soon!
Aw congratulations hunni, sorry you had such a bad time in the hospital, glad alls good now,

And trust me things get easier you do sleep again eventually! xxx
Big congrats! Sounds like an epic labour. Any pics of Noah. Can't resist a squize at a newborn awwwww.

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