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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by HighlandGem, Feb 23, 2016.

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    My name is Gemma and I am 30 weeks pregnant with with a baby boy.

    It wasn't planned and although I'm only 33 years old, my husband and I decided that our one and only child (16 year old daughter) would be our last as she has never wanted a sibling and my pregnancy with her was a rather traumatic experience (being 17 years old and all my family turning their backs on me). Although that wouldn't have been the case for any other subsequent children, we decided against the idea.

    So, to find out I was pregnant last year was quite a shock, least of all to our daughter who still cannot get her head around it. Initially she hated that she would no longer be an only child, but now she just hates me being pregnant. I know she's 16 years old and almost an adult herself so seeing her mum going through pregnancy and then having a screaming baby in the house isn't what she dreamed of, but she's got to get over it... Well, that's what I hoped. So far she's still rebelling.

    Anyway, my due date is May 1st and I'm planning on a home-birth, which is what I wanted with Aimee but we were advised that there may be complications so went to the hospital instead. As it turned out there weren't and she was delivered very quickly - so unless they can show me evidence that I need to go to the hospital, I'll be avoiding it at all costs. Hospitals give me a lot of anxiety so I'd be far more relaxed at home, providing it can be done safely.

    I hope to get to know some people here and talk with others in my situation (believe it or not I don't have a single friend who is or has recently been pregnant!).

    Gemma. xx
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    Hi Gemma and welcome : )

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't let your daughter ruin this experience for you, when I was 16 I would have rebelled against anything whether I wanted to or not, she'll come around or she'll have to just accept it as she lives under your roof!

    I'm also hoping for a home birth due to hospital anxiety x
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    Congrats :)

    I had my first at 18, he'll be 12 when this baby is born. Then I had a 2nd at 21 and she's 9 now.

    My eldest has been asking for a baby brother for years lol. So is really excited about the baby (even though they know there's a 50/50 chance it'll be another girl lol).

    Don't let your daughter spoil it for you, she needs to grow up. I find it really odd that she's 16 and still behaving like that :/

    My 9yr old at first was upset as she has never wanted me to have another baby because she didn't want to be a middle child. And also lamented about a "screaming baby"... Honestly I think media is a lot to blame, as I don't know where else she got this idea that being a middle child is bad (personally we know a few families with three children and the middle child is fine/hasn't said anything negative about it), but online and on tv I guess it's portrayed that way.
    Also, my 9yr old rarely cried, so I have told her the baby is not going to "scream". She was breastfed and co slept and only cried in the night occasionally during the first 6 weeks as at that point she was still pooing during the night (which was the reason for the crying, that and the subsequent nappy change), after 6 weeks she stopped pooing in the night so I didn't need to change her between about midnight and 6/7/8am and the rest of the time she was changed and fed before she got to the stage of crying.
    Again, I assume media/tv has led my 9yr old to think babies 'cry all the time' as that really isn't the case (or doesn't have to be).
    Anyway, she's come round to the idea now and both kids are excited and impatient for the baby to be born.

    I'm also planning on a home birth this time.

    I hope your daughter can come round to it so you can all enjoy the last few months of the pregnancy :)
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