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Jun 22, 2005
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Hey everyone, my names becky, and i'm nine weeks pregnant. I'm so nervous, I only decided yesterday to countinue with my pregnancy, because I was booked in for a abortion for nex week.

But i'm so happy now i've changed my mind, even if I am going to be on my own now (me and the father split up shortlt before I found out I was pregnant).

I can't wait to tell people, no one knows yet, except my sister, she was so chuffed, she has always wanted to be an aunty, and now she is.

I hope to get to know some mums to be on here to help me out.

bec x x
HI Bec :D

You have definitely come to the right place! You are not alone anymore!

No matter what little twinges and worries you might get, someone on here has already been through it. I have got a lot more relaxed about the whole thing since finding this site.

What symptoms are you having so far?

Best of luck to you :)
hey thank you, im sorta gettin ova the sickness thing, bit still feel pretty crappy in the night. Wow and my boobs are growin, i love it. And one not so good thing is my bladder, i pee all the time, and i snezzed the other day and i nearly peeded myself, lol, not good.

I'm starting to put on weight to, is that normal.

bec x x
Well my belly is already starting to poke out and I have put on 3 pounds so far. I feel so bloated that I can't sit down in my normal trousers.

I am very surprised that this has happened so quickly.

I thought that I would stay the same for 12 weeks and then start growing, but that seems not to be the case!

I am also surprised that my boobs are bigger already, weird!

Hi Becky, my name is Alsha ia 26wks and have been coming on this site for the last wk now and Sarah is right its great everyone is lovely. There is no need to be embarrassed about anything you say either coz others have been though it. Thanks for saying about nearly wetting yourself that makes me feel better i think i am going to have to get myself some tenner ladies! lol
Sarah W Baby Belly said:
HI Bec :D

You have definitely come to the right place! You are not alone anymore!

Too true and when you tell all your mates etc you will definately not be on your own.

Hi bec welcome to the site!! I'm 9 weeks pregnant too - it's a strange time eh!!

If you ever need to ask anything - everyone on here is really really nice.

thank you all, for ur support ur great.
I finally plucked up the courage o tell the da that i was keeping the baby, didnt that go well. He seems to be ignorin me, or jus not really believing it, like he doesnt want to. But the thing that hurts me the most is that my best friend is not at all supportive, and she thinks i shud not countinue with the pregnancy. Id much rather her give me her support and happiness, than tha stupid idiot.

bec x x
hey, dnt live to far way then, im from caerphilly. lol. I was spose to be goin to glam uni in sept, but obviously i cant now.

bec x x
Hi Bec

Sorry to hear you don't have the support of your baby's dad, but well done for making your decision and sticking to it. I was in the same boat about 9 years ago and decided I couldn't do it alone without my partner's support. Though it kept us together (we're still together now and with number 3 on the way) we both really regret our decision and if we could turn back the clock would have kept the baby. We know now that whether or not you think you are really "ready" you will always find a way somehow.
I'm sure your friend will come round and once she realises that you have really made your mind up will be supportive. I hope your parents are supportive too.
Good luck in your pregnancy!


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