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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by kred84, Jun 16, 2013.

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    Hi girls,

    My little man is 14 weeks old. I have ff from the beginning but I'm just a bit worries if he is have enough or not enough formula.

    He was born at 10lbs 1oz and is now almost 17lb. He has 4 8oz feed a day which is 32 oz, but I've read that a baby need 2.5oz per pound of weight, which makes it 42.5 oz per day!! He is only having 32 so am I under feeding him??

    He sleeps through and seems happy and putting on weight just fine and is still following the 91st centile......

    Does anyone think that this is ok or should I be feeding him more? It so confusing as on the charts on the side of the formula, he's the size of a 7mo old, but younger babies have different needs!

    Any answers much appreciated!

  2. littlemonkey

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    Aug 30, 2012
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    I have a similar issue with my son. He's the same age and was 9lbs 1 when he was born. I haven't had him weighed since 9 weeks, when he was just over a stone, so he's probably about 16-17lbs by now. He is also really tall. He seems to be gaining weight and growing really well. He's never taken the recommended amount of formula for his weight. I've always fed him on demand and he has no issue with letting you know when he is hungry. At the moment he has four big feeds of 7-8oz in the day. He will sleep from his last feed about 7-8pm until about 5am when he will wake for a little top up. The most he will have is around 5oz. Then he nods back off until about 8-9am. Even if I offer him more, he doesn't take more than 8oz at a time in the day.

    I try not to worry about it, although sometimes I do! He is gaining weight, growing well and is a happy healthy baby.
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    Dec 28, 2011
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    try not to worry about that. I know its hard. Up until we starting weaning at 6mnths Freya would only have 4 x 8oz bottles a day. That was as much as she ever took.
    When her reflux was bad, some days we would struggle to get 9oz into her.

    but, she pretty much clung to her 50th centile, she dipped a few times but always caught back up.

    I think some babies just need less?

    she now doesnt eat as much solid food as other babies her age, but I am not stressing about it anymore. if she was hungry she would let me know!

  4. NavyLouise

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    I really wouldn't worry about the guidelines, if your lo is putting on weight and happy then you're doing well! :)
    My lo has never had much of an appetite for milk, she's never had more than about 28oz (on a really good day!) I would be having to literally force feed her if I went by the guidelines, but she gains weight steadily, is happy, healthy and sleeps through :)
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    James was 17lbs 6oz at his last weigh-in (about 10 days ago) and has 37fl oz a day. He has had this amount since he was about 4 months?

    He has always been amazing with his milk and until very recently (weaning) he has never refused a single oz :shock:

    If bub was wanting more he'd let you know, he sounds like he is thriving so I wouldn't worry too much


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