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Mums whose LOs 1st Bdays are coming up


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May 14, 2006
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Are you baking your own cake? If so what kind of cake are you making?
I'm thinking of either a carrot cake or chocolate as Fin has never tasted chocolate yet! Would be great to share your recipes and pics when you have them! Fin's bday is in 2 wks and I have two cakes to make! x
I'm not going to bake my own cos I wouldn't know where to start. I'm just going to by a plain sponge cake for him. I don't want a decorated one cos I don't want him having icing yet. Hes not a fan of sweet things anyway, if you give him a chocolate button he just spits it out.
How do you make your own carrot cake, I wouldn't mind giving that ago?
OH is making Dan's as we speak! We're having his party tomorrow.
It's a chocolate devil food cake in the shape of scooby doo. I don't really want him to have any as I'm a mean mummy and very funny about his diet! He's never had ice-cream/sweets/cake before so OH thinks it's only fair he's allowed a little bit for his birthday. I can't really argue!
I will take a picture though when its done :D
Aw Happy Birthday LO! What a clever daddy! I agree about the sweet thing, I'll probably go with a carrot cake for that reason. Fin won't know or mind I'm sure lol!
think i'm going to buy one from asda and put his picture on it.

happy birthday dan so sorry i missed it misslarue x

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