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Aug 17, 2007
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Did you have a good idea of the gender of your baby before you found out?

I was convinced i was having a boy but at my scan today they thought girl although baby was in awkward position so it was harder to tell. Im happy with either sex but am interested to see how many mums intuition turned out correct.
i was adament i was having a girl just convinced myself, dont know why! but at the 20week scan they said it was a boy i was so shocked but at the same time happy coz i dont mind as long as it is healthy!!
yeah i think i always knew i was having a little girl. i didnt feel super-sure and wasnt buying pink stuff b4 my scan or anything but i just expected to have a girl and i did!
I was convinced I was having a boy last time and did :D this time I think girl but will have to wait for a bit to find out if im right yet.
I was convinced i was having a boy and was wrong as im having a girl, ooops :lol:
knew with charlotte.. dunno with this one tho..thought it was a boy.. but then again thought charl was a girl till last few weeks. then i started having boy dreams.. so god knows.. it is what it is.. lol.
I thought boy and was right but I think it's partially because OH really wanted a boy!
Kylie1007 said:
I would have been surprised if a girl had come out!

Same here, I was convinced a boy all along, and I didn't find out until the birth but yeah I would have been super surprised if it was a girl.
I was convinced that I was having a boy with Tia... so when she popped out a girl it was like wow :cheer: but I was pleased because I had really wanted a little girl.

With this one, I would have liked another little girl.. but got it in my head that sod's law would prevail and I would have a boy.... so when they told me at 15 and 20 weeks I was having a boy... it felt confirmed.... which is why it was such a shock when three weeks later they said nope... it was definitely a girl :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: I don't think mother's intuition is very good on these things... but in terms of your baby's health etc.. it's bloody brilliant.. :D
I was convinced boy this time and was right, last time I didn't have a clue and it was a girl
I was convinced from the beginning it was a boy and I was right. I'm totally undecided on this pregnancy though! Part of me is thinking girl but in some ways my pregnancy is similar at this stage to last time so I'm clueless so far!
yes i was right with all mine before i found out the sex, not too sure what this one is yet tho :think:

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