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More food questions!


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Oct 28, 2006
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I just wondering if anyone knows the answers to a couple of questions? :D

I'm trying to give Brody some things he hasn't tried before but just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing first!

First thing is, with tuna am I right in thinking if I buy tinned it has to be in oil?

Second, if I give him jelly does it have to be sugar free jelly?

I'm sure there was another one but my mind has gone blank! :wall: :lol:

Thanks if anyone knows the answers! :D :hug:
I think if you give him tuna it has to be in (spring) water. I dont know about the jelly because its gonna have either sugar or sweetner in which are both a bit :? at his age. Are you leaving 4 days between introducing new foods to identify potenital allergies.

Hope he eats it all up for you :)
Thanks and yes if I try him with anything new I'll wait 4 days before trying anything else! He will eat absolutely anything I put in front of him so far and his favourites are all fruit and veg so I'm hoping he stays that way!

Thanks :hug:
Jake likes everything I have given him so far too so I hope he stays that way, not like his fussy dad who will only eat crap :x

I cant wait to try Jake on fish- my favorite :cheer:
Oooh yeah I love fish too haven't tried giving Brody any yet! Was gonna try tuna first but I couldn't find any in spring water! :(

Oh well will keep looking! :D

Glad Jake isn't fussy either! Makes it all a bit easier doesn't it? :D
Tesco used to do tuna in spring water ( I used to give it to my overweight cat :rotfl: ) I dont know if they still do :think:
My doctor said it was ok to give Thea tuna in olive oil if that helps.
Nice one thanks! I will go look today! I sent Kev yesterday but he said he could only find brine or sunflower oil! I knew I should have gone myself! :roll: :lol:

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