Tuna, peanut butter, shredded wheat?


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Nov 12, 2007
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I am just wondering if Rudy can have any of the following-

Tuna- If so what would be the best type to get, I'm thinking the one in sunflower oil as opposd to brine. Can you get Tuna just stored in spring water or does this not exist?

Peanut butter- I was thinking this would be good for rice cakes and toast. OH and I have no allergies apart from me being allergic to penicillin. No one in either of our families do either.

Shredded wheat- I am looking for a cereal for Rudy, weetabix has sugar and salt which I am not fussed on him having. Is he ok to eat shredded wheat and milk as this is just 100% wheat.


Aww thanks for that. I thought you could but I wasn't sure if I was going mental or not.
No probs :hug: .

Baillie's fav cereal is Oats so simple! She loves it - the apple and the raspberry. Shredded wheat is fine to give - you could by the bitesize ones then Rudy could eat them like a finger food.

Kim x x x x
I gave him some plain oats so simple this morning but he wasn't impressed. I didn't think of the flavored ones though, thats a good idea. My fave is the golden syrup flavour but I think he may be a little bit small for that. x
We buy tuna in spring water and mini shredded wheat that we soften in a bit of milk and she eats with her fingers, Ready Brek is a good cereal too as that has no sugar or salt. Peanut butter is fine after 6 months if there are no allergies, but I would guess that it is quite salty? Not sure why though!

ETA: try adding fruit purees to porridge, that's what we did - she still won't eat it though!
Only Shredded wheat lil miss hasn't had but it is 4€ a pack...and thats a small pack. :roll: Shes been fine. :) She has marmite too.. :rotfl: I'm such a bad mum. :shock:
Good luck with trying to get Rudy to eat tuna. Any fish is a no-no here (cod was accepted once) :)

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