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Missing a feed


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Oct 2, 2007
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My LO has been having between 4-6oz every 4 hours but for the past few days he's been drinking the whole 6oz but missing out his late night feed, sleeping 11pm till 8am and only having 4 bottles a day... Is that what he should be doing at his age.. he's 2 months & 2 weeks and last week weighed 10lb 4 (he's gaining steadily, he only weighed 6lb 7 at birth)

Would he be waking up if he needed another bottle or should i be waking him up and encouraging him to drink more?!
wow you lucky thing!!!!! I wiould leave him, ui sure if hes hungry he will wake and tell you :cheer:
There's no set rules, the baby tells you when they want something. At that age Eefie was on 7 feeds of 6-7oz a day but he was massive (and still is!) so obviously needed more. As the midwives say - let sleeping babies lie :) If he's content and sleeping through then lucky you!
I was b/feeding so never knew how much DD was getting, but she started sleeping through 12 hours (!) at 6.5/7 weeks for 12 hours give or take and I just let her - I was too lazy to wake her and she's been fine, she's gained weight really well.

I know you can get worried about amounts when you're bottle feeding, but personally, I would let your son set his pace and don't make things more difficult for yourself - enjoy your sleep!

Valentine Xxx

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