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millenium dome?

tracey 2

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Aug 27, 2006
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Just wondering if anyone can help me im going down to millenium dome on sunday well near that area, dont go to london alot so bear with me,

first question what is there is it still millenium dome, can we go in or is it something else,

also how can i get to it, what is nearest train stations?

any help will be appreciated thank you :hug: :hug:
its now the O2 arena....they have the tutenkhamun (sp) expedition on at the moment and i think they may be some shops or something too not too sure....
have fun!
i went there last thursday night to watch Take That!!!
there is shops, restaurants & even a nightclub inside the arena, also the O2 is in there too! theres absolutley loads to see & do in there.
not sure about transport as we got a limo straight there!!
have fun.xx
its now called the o2 and you need to get the jubilee line from stratford to north greenwich.
depending what part of kent you live in the 54 bus used to go to Greenwich and then change for a bus to the dome (but I am talking about 4 years ago so the routes may have changed slightly), that wasnt much help really was it!!!!!! :?
thanks guys been doing some research today looks good, will be there sunday, i found there is a bus i can get my mate now knows where we roughly are going so getting bus there.

thanks for all your help guys :hug: :hug:

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