Megga peed off and feel harrased :-(

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Tiggy26, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Please read and give any advise that could help proove my innocence :-(

    We just moved house 1hr 30mins from our old home to a new little villiage and have not yet even been in this house 2 weeks. Last Thursday I get a note put through my letter box from a lady saying to call her becuase I have signed for a parcel that came to my address "aparently" and its hers. but a T Murry or Murphey or something like that signed for it.

    I called this lady and said to her I havnt even signed for any parcels as my family and I have just moved into this house. She snapped back almost instantly and said, "oh well thats odd, you already have a christmas tree up!! and youve just moved in" implying I was lying?????

    I said I have 2 small children and they are excited santa is coming, explaining that we had lots of help to move in and it freed up time for us to put a little tree up so the kids could have fun as well.

    Anyway.......aparently this "parcel" isnt just a parcel thats been delivered, she said it was 3 huge boxes of Jamie oliver stuff and she was a jamie oliver representative and the boxes were for her clients, then went on to say that it was delivered to my address instead of her address (she is the top opposite end of my road)

    I said again that we have not signed or been handed any parcels what so ever and we dont even know who t murrey or murphey is and she said that something is really dodgey here and again emplying im lying and stolen her stuff!!! I asked for the contact details of the courier and she said dont both she will sort it. I though fair enough.

    Then yesturday I get a knock on the door and her friend actually came to my house. I explained AGAIN that no parcels were given to us and we had only just moved in, were clueless as to whats going on. she walked away really peed off and me and my partner are thinking what the hell is this?? she knocked on the door at 8am the kids and I were barely dressed, my partner diddnt have a top on and she almost tries stepping into our house!!???

    Then......I get a knock at the door again today from the parcel driver who aparently delivered the parcels to this address and he said, im sure i delivered them here, can I see identification so I went and got my drivers license which shows prooves I am not the person that signed for a parcel.

    Now OH has had enough and is about to call this lady and tell her to stop harrasing us as its becoming quite upsetting, were even prepared to co-opperate with the police. Were just so fed up, peed off and confused by this whole situation!!!!

    The previous owners had moved out already when it was delivered to this address (so we must have just been out??) and the previous owners have a different surname to the one is shown being signed for as well.

    Im 8 weeks pregnant and this is starting to really stress me out!!!!

    What the hell can I do to sort this out?? Has anyone ever had this before?

    Im at the point of wanting to call the police myself as im begining to feel "under attack" for missing parcels that i did not sign for!!

    One min I think that the courier wouldnt have knicked them as if he did he wouldnt have come to my door genuinly trying to locate them but at the same time he is INSISTING he gave them to me which is a blatent lie!!

    Then im thinking someone in our road is taking advantage of the pact we have just moved in and is doing a sly one but this lady is friends with the post office lady and there is no Murry or murphey that lives in the area.

    I dont know what to think or do, im beginning to regret moving here :-( :-(
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    aww thats awful :(

    I personally would ask the courier to provide a proof of delivery witht he signature on it so you can prove it's not your signature!! Or at least ring up the head office and see what you can do??

    I wouldnt have this and I would prob just wouldnt answer the door to them when they turn up on your doorstep! It's not right and something sounds really dodhy :/ xx
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    Crikey, some people are just complete arseholes aren't they?! The driver should've confirmed it's not you that received that parcels.

    I think I would probably call the local police anyway and just let them be aware of the situation, if she keep hassling you that is. She sound like a nightmare. I used to work for a trade company and she shouldn't be hassling you to sort this problem out she should be hassling her supplier, whose responsiblity it is to locate the items, or send out replacements. The supplier will deal with the courier company. She has absolutely no place to be calling and harrassing you at all.

    Be strong hun and don't let her or the driver try to push you around, I used to deal with courier companys every day and they used to drive me insane, but this situation is between the purchaser, supplier and courier company, nothing to do with you.

    Good luck hun xxxxx

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