Mamas and papas are crap.


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Sep 27, 2008
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This is now the second time iv got something from mamas and papas thats turned up either broken or the wrong item.
Just got my changing bag today, its supose to have 2 pockets on the doesnt.
Its like its been made wrong or something as they dont have one on there site without front pockets :S
Also my pliko switch 2in1 witch is mamas and papas the seat was broken witch has been sent back.
I dought ill buy from them again.
And to top it off Iv now been on hold to mamas papas for 20 minutes. :evil:
'we are currently experiancing high call problems' yeah probobly due to everyone blimin complaining.
Rant over :lol:
Really???? I have always had great service from them, but saying that I havent ordered anything for over a year
I've always heard negative things about them, especially about the car seats. They are overpriced imo.
Hope you can get the faulty stuff changed ok.
Yeah same :)
Iv finally got through to someone , its just annoying when you have to keep sending stuff back.
I adore M&P'sstuff, have found no other high street shop that makes the same style stuff but their customer service are notoriously crap.I have been lucky and not has a reason to complain but from what I have read you have to keep on at them before getting anywhere. Good luck, hope you get it sorted.
Write to them!! It is seriously worth the effort!!!

Customer Care Department
Mamas & Papas Ltd
Colne Bridge Road

We wrote to them about rubbish service and our broken pram taking 5 weeks to repair and none telling us it was ready to collect. They rang us and sent £70 worth of toys for April. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:

Then, three weeks later, our pram broke again. We went into the store, all guns blazing and they gave us a new pram just like that and a £175 refund because the pram had come down in price since we bought it.

In my experience M&P seemed very keen to put things right when I complained. Don't keep quiet, their products cost a lot of money!

Here is what I wrote, feel free to steal it and change it if you like...

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Recent repair of Skate Pram.

I am writing to you to complain about the recent repair of our Skate pram that we purchased from the M&P store in Gateshead in (date)

We took the pram into the store on the (date) when the main carrycot safety catch was broke making the carriage tilt unsafely. We were told that the pram would have to be sent away for repair and would be back in 7-10 working days, someone would ring us to let us know when the pram was ready to collect.

We were given a Pliko Pramette (Cityscape) to use in the interim. The replacement pram was nowhere near the quality or standard of the pram we had brought in to be repaired. It was very well used, did not have an apron and the rain cover did not zip on properly. However, as we would only be using the pram for a short period, we took it.

After 10 working days we had received no phone call. We waited another week and then decided to ring ourselves, as we could not use the replacement pram in wet weather and were keen to get ours back. When we rang we were told that the pram was awaiting a part that had yet to be delivered to the workshop; someone would call us when the pram was ready. We were not given any indication of when the pram would be ready.

On (date), some 5 weeks after we had taken our pram in, I rang again to ask when we would get our pram back. I was told then that it was in the shop, ready to collect. No one had telephoned us to tell us this.

We went to the shop that evening to collect our pram. It took the team three quarters of an hour to locate our pram as there was no paper work for it. I found that odd as we were told on the phone that it was there. After waiting for quite a while (with a four month old child in need of feeding) we were given our pram.

On bringing the pram home, I have since found two scratches that were not on the pram before we went it in to be repaired. I have managed to repair one myself, but the other is on the main safety bar and nothing can be done to repair it.

I am quite disappointed about the level of Customer Care we received from Mamas and Papas. We paid a lot of money for one of your top end travel systems, however, I feel cheated as we were not able to use it for 5 weeks! 5 weeks may not sound very long; however, it is a quarter of the time our daughter has been here. In fact, she has now grown so much that since the pram has been returned we have had to convert it to a pushchair.

I am annoyed that we were not kept informed of our pushchair’s progress and that we had to chase your company once the quoted time for repair was up. I am also upset that the pram was sitting in the shop ready for collection, but nobody phoned us. We only knew when we phoned ourselves.

Overall, our experience with Mamas and Papas After Sales has been quite distressing.

I am writing to draw your attention to the failings of your store in this matter and I look forward to your reply.

Yours Faithfully
i had a high chair that was useless but i have their car seat and i love it

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