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Feb 11, 2007
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Where can I get a new mattress from for a Mamas & Papas moses basket? I didnt really wanna order from their website cos ill have to pay postage :lol:

The ones on toyrus and other stores dont seem to be the same size? Do i need to specifically get one from Mamas & Papas? :)
i thought all moses basket matersses were the same size?
So did I but on the websites it says:

Mamas & Papas one: L 67 x W 30 x D3cm approx

Toysrus one says: 75 (l) x 28 (w) x 3 (d) cm

:? :think:
how weird...u know.. id take the mb into store.. and just ask what one will fit lol..
Yeah i might do actually then I can try em for size too :) Good thinking batman :D
Hi h_c,

I bought a second hand M&P (lovely!) moses basket from an NCT sale and bought a new moses basket mattress on eBay as the standard ones in Mothercare etc wouldn't fit it.

I bought a mattress exactly like this - you can specify the exact size and it fits great - I would really recommend doing this as the last thing you want to do is to buy an expensive mattress when you've saved money on the moses basket!

I think M&P make them a funny size so you think you have to buy their moses basket mattress, and not a cheaper one - sneaky!

Hope this helps

Valentine xxx
Thats fantastic valentine, thanks im gunna have a look at that now :D :hug:

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