Looking for Advice - long journey by car at 37wks?


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Apr 10, 2005
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My sister is getting married 3 wks before my due date, only thing is she lives 450 miles from me so we're looking into different ways of travelling to the wedding.

I know I can't fly at that stage so I guess it's car or train - by car the journey usually takes between 7-9 hours depending on weather conditions and and based on only one toilet stop! The train isn't as easy as it'll only take us to north london so we'd have to take numerous tubes to south london to get the train to the country to then hire a car to drive ttravelling to the location.

I know everyone is different but how is everyone feeling that is over 35 wks? Would you consider a 7-9 car journey? (more like 9 hours if I need lots of toilet stops).

The other thing is we'd have to travel on the friday to get to the wedding on the saturday but come back home on the sunday as DH's annual leave runs from June - July and he hasn't got many days left and obviously wants to save them for when little one has arrived.

I really want to go to her wedding but I really am dreading the journey.

Just looking for opinions really!


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As long as you could have lots of stops to stretch your legs and go to the loo I think it would be ok. Also you might find one of those the wedge foam cushions helpful as by 35 weeks your bump will be bigger and you won't want to squash the bottom of your bump up too much by sitting in a low seat if you see what I mean?

Could you break the journey up by having a long lunch break half way and have a good old stretch then?

Hope that helps, it would be a shame to miss it :)
sorry to gategrash .....

Gosh Rosebay 16 days to go, I can't believe it!!! It doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago you posted to say that you got your BFP. Good Luck and let us know as soon as anything happens!!!

Hi Lucy..
oh dear - I'm afraid that I'll sound rather negative about the journey. I'm finding car journeys quite difficult at the mo. I have to do a 2 and a half hour drive into the city once a week now to see my midwife, and I'm struggling!!! And then ofcourse, I have the return journey on the same day. I drive on my own which I suppose makes it worse. Perhaps you'll be ok if DH does the driving. I guess all I would advise is to leave early the Friday and stop as often as possible to keep circulation going. It's a long return journey for you. You'll be exhausted so just make extra sure that you get plenty rest!!!!!
I really don't know. I guess I would give it a miss, but I understand just how important this is to you. Take it easy and you never know, maybe the car journey turns out a wonderful opportunity for you and DH to have a good long blether for old time sake! :D :D
Good luck - sorry that I can't be of much help..... :?
Emilia xx
Hi Lindsay,

a belated congratulations hun! How are you feeling so far? Sorry I hadn't noticed- my brain has gone to mush.

It does seem like it was only yesterday that I found out in some ways and in others like I've been pregnant forever because I'm just so obsessed by it and talk and think about it constantly!

Hope you're well
I'll let you know when something happens!
Hey there :D

I think that as long as someone else is driving you will be okay...you could even drive for a while if it's not too uncomfy, just to keep things varied. I know that I'm eight weeks behind you, and I only drive a half an hour to work every day, but driving is starting to get a little uncomfy now.

Basically, if you have room to stretch your legs, I think you will be okay. If you sit on the back seat with the front passenger seat all the way forward so that you can stretch out, or if you stretch your legs on the back seat, would it be comfy or would you feel too risky?

They do say that a short haul flight is okay right up to term, unless you are high risk, though!

Good luck getting to the wedding!

A couple of weeks ago I had to have a long train journe and I found it a nightmare, not enough leg room. Train crowded so I couldn't get up and walk and the toilets were rank. Plus I was on my own and apart from 2 people, no-one helped me carry my bag or anything. I would say the car is the best option, at least you could have a number of stops and get out and walk round. I had to drive to Leicester the other day and that took about an hour and a half which was tough going but it did help to stop on the way. My midwife has told me that if I am going on a long journey to wear those flight socks to reduce risk of DVT and to move legs regularly. Hope you have a great wedding x

Well I'm due on monday and I just did a 5/6 hour car journey only yesterday. I even drove most of the way back!!!

It depends on how you feel I guess but I felt fine, stopped for the toilet, and had lots of chocolate!!!

I think if you really want to go then go, just leave in plenty of time, stop when you can and eat well!!! :D
Thanks for all your replies and sharing your own experiences, I think the only thing I can do is wait until nearer the time and see how I feel. That probably sounds really selfish but if I find it hard to drive I think it's going to be a really long journey for DH.

Tiny Sue - I'm 28 wks today so you're ahead of me, I think it was the way I (poorly) wrote the bit about people at 35 wks plus.

Emilia - "blether" I am getting used to this phrase up here in Scotland, hadn't heard it before !

Thanks again ladies

28 wks
Hi Lucy...
Are you somewhere nice in Scotland? I miss it!!!! I lived in Edinburgh and then moved down to the borders. Lived in Scotland for quite some time - DH Scottish. Dreaming of Tunnocks Tea Cakes :shock: :shock: and a spud from Veggie shop on Cockburn Street (off Royal Mile)
BIG SIGH........
nevermind - lovely sunshine here and stuffing my face with watermelon! Sensible hey? :?
Emilia xx

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