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Linea Negra


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Nov 24, 2007
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Just wondering when the black line down your tummy is supposed to appear? In my books it says around 18 weeks and as usual I am getting impatient :)
Not everyone has them. actually hardly anyone does really. im 25 weeks and i certainly dont have one!!
I think people with more tanned skin get it most of the time
i ahve one it started showing a few weeks ago.
photos dont pick it up yet i think they are only really notisable if you have dark skin :)
manda xx
I have one, I've had it since about week 8!!! But then i'm quite tanned
Ive always had that dark line even when not pregnant but its gotten alot darker since about week 8 like sophie. Its quite odd that I have it so dark as Im quite fair skinned.
I didnt with last 2 pregnancies and sont expect one this time. Not fussed really.
I do tan quite easily, although in the Winter months I'm quite pale :)
26 weeks tomorrow and still not got one either.
Just noticed that I am getting one!

Only below my belly button!
I haven't, but I have a line of hair under my belly button which I sometimes get confused with :lol:
Dont Assume You Wont Get One.. Mine Suddenly Appeared At 32 Weeks But Its Not Black Lol :)

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