Layla - Today's the day isn't it?


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May 11, 2005
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Isn't today the day your hubby dreamt you would have the baby!!??

From the way you describe you have been feeling grotty I really don't think it's far off for you.

Keep us posted hun.

Remember a few things for me:

Eat and drink
Relax your shoulders
Don't 'clock watch'
Don't frown
And're having a baby.

Sorry, doula hat slips on whenever anyone is about to have a baby and I just can't help but interfere!!!
lol hi hun,

yeah today is the day, but he dreamt it would be this morning and im still here lol.

he was trying real hard to get him to come out last night too bless him, had cuddles 3 times lol

when we woke i said "ah well your dream was only a dream" he said, no way! its still monday for another 18 hours or so lol

I must admit i do feel like i could go any min, but then i guess everyone at this stage would. took the kids to school this morning and i had to stop half way across the play ground coz Coby pushed down really hard, i was terrifed my waters were going to break right there and make me look silly so i stopped and crossed my legs lol

when it does happen i will be smiling tho, i love being in labour :D
oooooohh!!Im so excited for you hun!!I hope it is today for you, I was thinking of you this morning, but like your husband said- theres loads more time left today!!

We went to Mothercare on Saturday to buy the first things for the baby's nursery, it dawned on me when we were looking at the bedding that we were actually going to have a baby!!(I know its pretty late in the day to have this dawn on you :lol:) I began to get really excited!So I can't imagine how you feel to be maybe a few hours/days away from meeting your little one!! :D :D

Keep us updated!

will do :)

its annoying coz i have 2 dates, if you go by the hospital date then i still have over a week left :(

but im hoping my induction will still go ahead for the 16th, i get that confermed this thursday, so fingers crossed!

then at least i only have a week left garenteed

Well i hope he does come today that would be very nice and kinda cool if the dream came true :D
Hope your feeling okay i think a lot of us are feeling ready to pop i know i am, i have my last appointment before my due date today so hopefully i willknow something new.... there gonan see if im dialated at all (cross my fingers)lol.
But ill be waiting for a post sayin you going in, it seems like none of our babies want out, they are too comfy i guess......but its near the middle of Jan we gotta get these babies out.
Good luck once again to all of is.
Bye Katrina xxxxxx
hi hun,

I really hope it does happen today but i doubt it will, had no tighenings or anything.

I am finding it really hard to walk tho, getting alot of pressure down there and if i clench my bum i can feel the outline of his head, and jase freaked out last night, he is convinced he felt it while cuddling (lol sorry prob tmi) also getting alot of shooting pains up there when walking.

apart from that tho, today i feel great, best i have felt for ages, not to tired, not moody, dizzness has stopped, its real nice at the mo (apart from the pressure and stuff)

Stupid computer has let me in for a little while, yippee, so i am going to make the most out of it.

how is everyone feeling.

i am tired and fed up. i have just under 2 weeks until my c section and i just want it over with now. i am jealous of you layla, i wish my c section was booked for 16 jan, it's like carrying a sack of spuds around now. the baby is so high and is refusing to drop. the midwife reckons that the baby is about 7lbs now so hopefully i wont be having another 9 12 one.

if i cant get back on to speak to you all then good luck.

postman has just been and still no new modem.


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