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kiddicare - YAY!


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Jun 12, 2007
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I got this site from my sister in law who had a nursing chair bought for her from it.


On Thursday last week I went on and ordered a swinging crib for under £40 and a nursing chair for under £80, got free postage and free sun visers for the car.

They email and texted me the same day to say it would arrive in two working days. On the Friday I got messages to say it had left the warehouse and would be with me the next working day, monday morning I got messages saying it would be delivered that day if that was ok, and could rearrange if I wanted to, by 4pm I had them, and the stuff was so easy to put together I had both the chair and the crib built (all by my self) by 10 to 5pm!

I had one part of the crib that wants replacing - a hook with a dodgy screw thread that would probably be fine but I'm not 100% happy about. I emailed Kiddicare and 5 mins later they got back to me to say sorry and I would have a replacement hook by Wednesday!

Now THAT'S service!

I love Kiddicare - I think their Customer Service (as you described) is fantastic and their stuff is brilliant! I believe they have big shops too although there's none in Scotland.

Valentine Xxx
I have used them twice. First time as you described and no problems at all. Second time I ordered an item which wasn't right and wanted to return it. No problem you would think - except that I had to pay the return postage.. and because the item was heavy it worked out at £13!! So in the end I sold it on Ebay instead.

It's wise to read the small print about returns and be certain about what you order I suppose. I certainly wish I had.

Kiddicare are fantastic, i ordered Louies 2 nd stage car seat from there in September, got £50 off the RRP, free delivery & free sun visors for the car.
i would definatley use them again :cheer:
wow they sound briilaint im going to have a lookat their website.
We got our cot and travel system from there... cant fault them. I returned an item because I didnt want it and Im sure it was freepost, and that was quite a big box too :think:
i bought our travel system from them too..great service
had a really bad experience with them resulting in no buggy(double buggy!!!) for 3 month :shakehead: had to contact trading standards to get a refund!!

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