Just had detailed scan


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Aug 31, 2005
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Had my detailed scan this morning, it was amazing.

It's incredible to see how much he/she has grown and the level of detail you can see is fantastic.

Everything is looking good and they even said that he/she is slightly bigger than average for this stage of pregnancy. I can't believe it because I've hardly put any weight on and I've been eating really healthily. They said I've been feeding the baby well.

I hope it doesn't continue to grow at bigger than average....

I'll post the scan pics up this evening as I need to set up my scanner.

For those of you who've got your scan to come, be prepared to blub, I shed a few tears. It was so lovely to see them after all these weeks of feeling them move around inside me.

It's wonderful.
YAY come on lets see the cute piccie!!

(i cried at my scan too, so cute!!) :oops:
Great news Bagpuss.. you must be very relieved and reassured.. half way there now.. yay!! :)

and I am sure I will be in floods of tears at my detailed scan.. each time I have a scan I blub!! :wink:
HI bagpuss 17,

I cried at both of my scans even when I heard the heart beat for the first time. :lol:

sarah x
well I even just nearly cried reading that message bagpuss!!! I am a bit tearful at the min though!! :)

I have my scan thursday, cant wait.

Cant wait to see your pics hun.... xxxx
Thanks girls.

I can't stop looking at my pics.

We are really blessed to be going through all this, when you see the little beans on the scans it makes all the sickness/tiredess etc...all worth it.
glad all went well at your scan hun looking forward to seeing the pics did you find out what sex baby was??? xxxxx
Hi Rach,

No we didn't find out the sex, we both want a surprise at the end of the hard work.
Glad everthing went well bagpuss! I think we are due the same day 11th july?

Oh wow

I bet you are even more excited now

All the best

http://photobucket.com/albums/c318/bagp ... _scan4.gif

Forgotton how to add pics in here again, so I've just posted the link to my photobucket page, at least that way you can see the growth from 9 weeks to 21.5, it's incredible.

Bambino looks really funny because you can't see his/her legs in the picks just their head and a big round tummy! :)
Oh those scan pictures are excellent.

How big is babe?

Did the sonographer know the sex?


Not sure how big the he/she is in weight, but those pics are close ups so it does look big in the pics. I'm not that big bump wise, I'll have to see what my midwife says next time I see her.

You get various measurements added to your notes after the scan, some work out at exactly the right stage and others are at 22 weeks and 23 weeks. I need to find out what they mean.

We didn't find out the sex.
Hi Bagpuss

Your scan pic is great, it is brilliant to see how much they have grown it also makes it seem so much more real!!

Congratulations :D

Thanks everybody.

You're not wrong Lindsay, it really does make it real when you have the detailed scan.

I just felt an overwhelming need to love and protect him/her, I couldn't believe how emotional it all was. I love being pregnant and I can't wait to meet this baby.

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