Issues wth his EX!

o hun, theres nothin u can do about ur hubbys past, hell I think everyone wants to go back in time and change something!!
But u have to think about the here and now, ur with him now and u have a future together!!
are babies on the cards? i hope ur ok and talk to ur hubby, uv obviously done somethin right if hes with u now!!
:hug: :hug:
sounds like uv had a pretty rough time of it
the more u stress about gettin pregnant then the less likely ul find it to relax and allow ur body to do its thing?
be thankful uv found him, that his kids accept u and be happy with one another!!
there are awful women out there who see kids as a 'burden', theyre the ones who dont deserve any happiness!!! :x :x
Is there any medication he can try - like viagra for instance. would he go to doctor or would he be too embarassed?

I wish you a lot of look. Just remember she did have him but lost him - he is yours now. Just hold that thought don't let his past get in the way of YOUR future. :wink:
I know it probably dosnt help but 5 months TTC isnt really that long, I was trying for over 8 months before anything happened. You really need to put behind you the issues that you have with his ex, there is nothing that you can do about it or change and concentrate on your marriage and life with your husband. As mummykay says the more stressed out you are the harder it will be to concieve.

I wish you all the luck

:hug: :hug: :hug:

i have just read this. how horrible for you and my heart goes out to you. i wish you nothing but the best and hope that you get your deepest wish.

:hug: Oh thank you Davina. Was a bit let down today but if all works out later this month we could have a wonderful present just in time for Christmas. Thank you for your good wishes.

x Mags x
just had an email from my friend, who had a terrible time getting pregnant, due to eating problems when she was a child. she has a boy already and is now 6 weeks problem.
Davina, do you mean she's 6 weeks pregnant? How old is her little boy?
her oldest boy was one in november and this little one will be one in november this time. So there is always hope.
hey mags im sure things will happen for you when you least expect it ill keep everything crossed for you.. :hug: :hug:

also where aboouts in Essex are you?

becky xx
Just noticed you're a 'Mommy'....are you American?! (I am!)
no not american but the ticker is i will be a mummy. my due date was actually the 16th (yesterday) but baby didnt show so now i am offically overdue :wall: :wall: . Ilford is not to far away. so your american where abouts in america are you from?

i would love to go to usa its something i want to do before i get to old :D

becky xx

i used to live near Ilford too. i lived in Manor Park. My friend used to live in Ilford. cant for the life of me remember the name of the road though. I know that she was only a ten minute crawl from Shannons night club, many a good night there!!!!

my favourite indian restaurant is in Ilford and that is on barking Road Jalamabads. hmmm
i didnt really like Ilford, thats why we moved to Eastbourne. Love it here now, its a great place to raise a family.

I went to NY in 1980, cant believe its 27 years ago, but i loved it so much, would love to go again.

good luck i hope you get back to America.


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