help EX troubles

my ex split up with me when i found i was pregnant i was and still am madley in love with him and all he seems want to do is hurt me - today while waiting to see my midwife (without ex as he dont want to know) there was this other teen mum there with her brother (19) who was there to support her as her other half couldnt make it, well any way i got talking to him and he was really nice caring and sweet and really seemed to understand when i spoke bout ex and got emotional again and any other time i could really fall for this bloke but i am still madely in love with my ex, will i ever get over him any advice please?
sarah and bubba
hello hun
i know it feels like the word is caving in on you but t will get better, it is hard enough without being pregnant but just look how he is being now do you really want a man who is that shallow and mean?

In time you wil get over but as always it is easier for someone else to say so!!!

Your hormones are all over the place at the moment, but just think do you really want that mans attitude rubbing off on to your baby when it is born??

I am thinking of you, if you ever need to chat just PM me,


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