Is short-sightedness genetic??

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by Amanda, Mar 6, 2006.

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    Aug 11, 2005
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    I was extremely short-sighted my whole life. I wore glasses from the age of 3, probably should have been before then but I didn't get diagnosed until then. I hated them. Absolutely hated them. I had contact lenses from about 19, but because my eyes were so bad, I could only wear them for about 8 hours a day before they irritated me. I hated the winter months because of the rain, and steaming up when walking into warm rooms. And I hated the summer months because of not being able to wear nice sunglasses, and not being able to see when swimming on holiday. Loads of other reasons, but really, I hated them. Are you seeing a picture yet?!??! :lol: Anyway, I had laser treatment in July 2004 and have never looked back since. :D :D

    Because my eyes were so bad, I take my daughter to have her eyes tested every 12 months without fail. I took her on Saturday, and her eyes have deteriorated so much in the past year that she now has to wear galsses. :( And not just for distance and tv, she has been told to wear them all the time. :( I nearly cried for her in the optitians as I know how hurtful kids can be, and she's also got her orthodontics appointment soon to get her brace. The poor kids going to go through hell at school.

    I'm now really really worried about the new baby. Has Kayleigh inherited my bad eyesight? Will the new one also need glasses?

    I know this may not seem like much to some people, but I had such a bad time at school with my milk-bottle bottom glasses, and I feel they also held me back with a lot of things, that I would hate any child to go through the same.

    As a slightly lighter thing, she chose a fab pair of pinky-purple frames, and they really suit her face and make her look super-intelligent!! :lol:
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    I know EXACTLY how you feel - I am severly long sighted and have worn glasses since I was 2 and it ruined my childhood/teens. Cut a long story short it involved bullying, severe depression and other stuff. I got contacts and it's better than glasses but now I cant afford new specs ('scrip keeps changing still) or contacts so I suffer without! lol

    My mum is short sighted, however my bro and sis have perfect vision. I think it's luck of the draw hun.

    I hope your daughter is okie about it, I hope you're okie too. I know it would break my heart if Damien needs glasses after what I went through so I can sympathise xxxx
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    Jun 14, 2005
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    I used to work in Optics and my dad is an optom and the simple answer is yes it can be genetic but not always.

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    I think the views on glasses are changing, though, Tankett, because I teach in a girls' school. You know how mean little girls can be to each other, but I have never seen any kid being teased because of glasses. As a matter of fact, one kid getting glasses in my room last year caused a row because one other kid wanted them so badly she kept stealing them to try them on!

    Your lil one might be shortsighted but glasses will not be a problem!


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