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Is it PND???


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Apr 21, 2007
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Can PND come and go day to day, or is it a constant thing?

Some days I am so in love with Tim, and then other days I don't even want to look at him. On the bad days, I cry all day, i resent feeding him, and it makes me angry when he cries, then on the good days i feel guilty for being resentful and angry.

I very often feel useless and overwhelmed, and that i'm not a very good mum.

I'm scared to talk to the HV or GP because I want to be a good mum, and i don't want them to think i can't do it...
first of all you're not a bad mum, and im sure the health visitors have seen it all before and i would talk to them as they are there to help. I do think pnd can come and go, i had it after millie and i felt exactly like you do. if i were you i would mention it to someone. xx
Hi hun!

You are not a bad mum!! PND is an ilness, something you cat control. If you would get a flu, you would go to the doctor. Same is with the PND. You have to talk about it and definetly mention it to your HV or MW! And it is already a big step, realising that you have it! Well done :hug:
I would definately have a chat to the HV/midwife. I didn't want to open up about the feelings I was having but found that once I knew I had PND, everything sort of lifted and now I had identified the problem I could fix it. I'm going to a support group on tuesday and was prescribed anti-depressants but I'm not taking them unless the support group doesn't help.

We're all on here to talk to, but HV/midwife might be able to help you out much better by putting you in touch with groups in your area etc.

Seriously chick, they will have heard a lot worse. I told my HV I used to self-harm and she didn't think anything of it and didn't think anything of me as a mother because of it.

Let us know how you get on. Please don't feel alone. I could link you to several of my depressing threads, and the support in the replies I received was fab.

thanks girls! :)

i have made an appointment to see my GP (she's is much nicer than my HV!!), although the appointment isn't until this time next week!!!! :shock:

hopefully she'll be able to help and we'll get me fixed!! :pray:

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